Stop Everything! Rosé Pineapples Are HERE And Instagram-Ready

It's pinker and sweeter.

Stop Everything! Rosé Pineapples Are HERE And Instagram-Ready Kylie Ellway / Shutterstock

There’s a new lovely trend in food that is basically Instagram-ready and absolutely beautiful. A lot of restaurants have been working hard at making edible goods that will bring everyone in droves to flock to their locations in order to take pictures of these meals. The kicker? It’s actually working.

If there’s something that people are learning about Millennials, it’s that we love taking pictures of our food. Everywhere you look, whether it’s in someone’s kitchen or at a booth in a local restaurant, it doesn’t matter; there’s probably a young person taking a picture of something they’re about to chow down on. Likely, while their friends or family wait impatiently beside them, eager to dig in without distractions.


By why not, really? We already know that taking pictures of your food can actually be beneficial for your eating experience, and other companies outside of the restaurant industry are even trying to cash in on this Millennial phenomenon and make things that people will actually want to clutter up their Instagram feeds with.

Now, fruit magnate Del Monte has even gotten in on the trend. They’re introducing a pineapple that will literally have people clamoring to get it just so they can take lovely pictures for their social media sites.


The pineapple, which the company has named “Rosé,” is genetically engineered to produce pink pigmentation in what is traditionally a yellow fruit with green leaves. The FDA recently evaluated the GMO fruit and said that it passed with “no unresolved safety or regulatory questions.”

Del Monte themselves have said that the Rosé is “as safe and nutritious as its conventional counterpart,” so the lovely pink pineapple has been cleared both for human consumption and, of course, getting its picture snapped a few dozen times by eager young foodies.

The fruit itself contains more lycopene than usual, which is the natural ingredient in watermelon and tomatoes that make them their vibrant colors. However, the Rosé has been in development since 2005, and it finally received its clearance just last year.


Del Monte also promises that this pineapple will have “extra sweet” flesh to go with the pink coloration. One thing is for certain: whether this pineapple is for eating or just Instagramming, it will be pretty lovely.