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Avocado Buns Are The New Food CRAZE — It's Healthier Than Bread!

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Avocado Buns Are The New Food CRAZE — It's Healthier Than Bread!

We believe that 2016 is truly the year of the food, because the deliciousness just keeps on coming. And the new trend? The sweet, green fruit known as the avocado

An article on Elite Daily introduces us to the avocado bun. It's not really a bun per se — more like two giant avocado slices serving as the burger bun in place of regular bread. It's a greener, sweeter, and healthier alternative.

To enjoy the avocado bun, Fooddeco, a website dedicated to combining food and decor, provides a recipe for a healthy chick pea burger with vegan mayonnaise.

"This vegan delight is super-simple to recreate. Plus, it's the perfect way to serve a burger that's both delicious and aesthetically pleasing," says a Refinery29 article.

Yes, the entire thing is vegan, but still looks (and sounds) amazingly delicious. Take a look!


And Fooddeco has more avocado-related treats to recreate. Try the avocado "truffle" stuffed with goat cheese and coated with bacon crumble.

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Or the vegan "chocolate truffle"...

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According to The World's Healthiest Food website, avocados contain beneficial nutrients such as potassium, vitamins K and E, fiber, magnesium, and monounsaturated fat. The fruit also reduces risk of metabolic syndromes, controls your blood sugar, regulates your insulin, and much more. 

Medical News Today lists many possible health benefits for consuming avocado. It's good for the heart because it helps maintain the body's cholesterol levels. It's also beneficial to your vision, as it contains antioxidants to protect and minimize damage to the eyes, especially from ultraviolet light. It also helps with digestion. 

Just like anything good in this world, there is a limit as to how much you can consume. Even though avocado contains a lot of healthy nutrients and health benefits, consuming too much also has its risks. Avocados contain vitamin K, which contributes to blood clotting.

So, no matter how good and delicious these avocado dishes are, it's important to maintain a variety in your diet and enjoy in moderation.