Israeli Winery Created Entirely Around Instagramming Your Food

Photo: Twitter
woman at Carmel Winery

Sometimes it's tough trying to capture how awesome your food looks for Instagram. Unless you have professional lighting and a perfect backdrop, it just doesn't look as good on your phone as it does right in front of you.

Carmel Winery in Tel Aviv, Israel is fixing all of that.

Although last year it was reported that cell phones were "ruining" the customer dining experience — and we sort of agree  this tech-savvy establishment takes the opposite approach: Dinner is no longer just about filling an empty stomach or bonding with family and friends; it's also know about earning your bragging rights and getting those coveted "likes" with beautiful, delectable plates of Instagram-able food.


Carmel Winery places their meals on dishware that offers a perfect backdrop for a photo. 

Not only doe their dishes give guests a great-looking background, but they also has a built-in phone stand and plates that spin 360 degrees, so you can capture your foodie masterpiece from all angles. But of course. 

Photo: Twitter

They've named this latest trend "foodography," and no word yet on when this phenomenom will hit the states. And really: do we want it to?