5 Reasons Why Having A FWB Makes You BETTER In Bed

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friends with benefits sex

It doesn't get better than that.

In my humble opinion, nothing is as underrated as friends with benefits sex. 

Sure, having a friend with benefits is convenient. 

It's friendship, but so much sexier! 

It's one easy way of scratching that sexual itch without any romantic entanglements, or when you're between serious relationships.

But friends with benefits sex is actually doing a lot more. 

The most important thing it's doing?

Making you have BETTER sex! 

There are 5 things that happen when you have friends with benefits sex and they ALL contribute to helping you have better sex with your friend with benefits, and with anybody else you see fit to have sex with! 

Here's how friends with benefits sex is making you better in bed. 

1. You can focus on technique. 


When you aren't worried about building a romantic relationship, you can focus on your skills.

Got a new sex position you want to try?

Dream of bringing in a cool toy to the bedroom?

Read up on some killer blowjob tips? 

Having friend with benefits sex is a great way to improve your sexual technique without taking a toll on a new relationship. 

You are focused on the sex, not on getting to know the other person. 

2. You are free to ask for what you want. 

When you are just starting to date someone and just starting to have sex with them, it's natural to be more reserved.

When you're having friend with benefits sex you can scream at him and demand he spit in your face (if that's what you're into, you kinky minx) free of judgment.

This is just a person you're having sex with, not a person you need to impress.

Prepare yourself for some HOT orgasms

3. Romantic feelings don't let you explain away bad sex. 


When you are falling in love with someone, it's easy to ignore bad sex.

You chalk up to being new together, or you decide that it's something you can overlook out of love.

When friend with benefits sex is bad, you can end that relationship and move on to something better without any guilt. 

4. It helps you take sex less seriously. 

Having a healthy relationship with sex is the key to having a healthy and happy life. 

When you have friend with benefits sex you focus on the sex itself, and in the process you can take sex less seriously.

It's no longer a test of compatibility. It's a fun, stimulating exercise that ends in orgasm. 

Talk about taking the pressure off! 

5. You learn what you like and don't like. 


When you have friends with benefits sex, it can be a great opportunity to learn more about YOUR body.

Rather than spending your time connecting with your partner and forging a bond, you can discover all of the ways your body can respond to different sexual triggers. 

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