10 Heart-Wrenching Real-Life Love Stories From World War II

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War is a treacherous time, and yet, some good can come out of it, including love.

From stimulating economic growth, to increasing desire to live life more fully, when war erupts people react in powerful ways. 

The Boomer Generation, the greatest and largest generation of baby births resulted, in part from the war when soldiers returned from fighting to their desperately waiting brides.

Rosie the Riveter, and the first grand movement of women into the workforce, also came from war. War boosts economies — and apparently, the desire to get married, too. 

War and love should never be mixed together, but when it does, some of the most romantic stories are made during its experience. In fact, my own family has a romantic love story that is set during war time.

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My grandfather, still single at the time, returned home for his pre-deployment leave to fight in World War 2 when he was invited to New Year's Eve party when he met, my grandmother, the woman he would fall in love with. 

Time was a limited resource. The Japanese had begun to occupy the Philippines, and American. If they had a longer engagement, he might not return for their wedding day. Instead, they rushed and got married before he left and kept in touch by letter.

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Just like my grandparents, many couples found their one true love and lifetime partner during World War 2, and rushed into marriage without a second thought. Marriage was different back then, and as a result of war brides and returning heroes, we have a rich history of romance set to the backdrop of war.

More than 555 Veterans of World War 2 die each day. When we lose legends who survived this war period, we not only lose an honorable human being, but backstories to this era is lost as well. 

Writers save their memories by penning these war stories. Many historians and indie authors are actually the children of couples who married during WW2.

You'll be touched and amazed by the dedication and passion revealed about marriage, and commitment found in these 10 heart-wrenchingly romantic love stories of Word War 2 available for purchase on Amazon.

1. War Bonds by Cindy Hval

When you find love, seize it. 

The idea to write this book was suggested to the author by her husband and that without a book, their stories would be lost forever. 

A compilation of unconditional love stories that took place during the war of men and women who took the plunge and made lifelong commitments without knowing what the future would bring. Each story of love shares a lesson to inspire every heart. 

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2. Eve of a Hundred Midnights by Bill Lascher

Bill Lascher had always wanted to be a reporter, and soon discovered on Christmas that his cousin, who he had never met, lived the life he dreamed of living. A month after his grandmother gifted him with his cousin's typewriter, used during World War II, he launches his dream career and slowly uncovers the story told in this book.

Just as WW2 erupts, two young writers, Melville and Annalee Jacoby, both war correspondents, are faced with a life and death decision.

Just married a month, after the fall of Manila, the couple must run for their lives to escape being captured by the invading Japanese and island hop across the Pacific.

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3. Love Has No Boundaries by Karen Lamb

Although Karen Lamb discovered the letters after her mother's death, she did not read them until 2011 when she and her own husband returned to New Zealand where her grandparents met.

In 1998, after Karen Lamb's grandmother died, her mother returns from the funeral in England with family keepsakes and 24 love letters. These letters share a story of love and war expressed between a husband and wife and their uncertainty of the future but their assurance in the power of love.  

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4. The Dog Who Could Fly by Damien Lewis

Ant lived 14 years and was awarded the Dickin Medal, the "Animal VC". A true story about the love and loyalty between a man and his dog. After Airman Robert Bozdech is shot down he finds a tiny German Shepherd that he names 'Ant' who he hides in his jacket as he escapes.

Later the two bond and fight the war together saving each other's lives numerous times until the end of the war displaying the true love of a man and his dog.

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5. GI Brides: The Wartime Girls Who Crossed The Atlantic For Love by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi

More than 60 GI Brides were interviewed before the writing of this book. Only four GI Brides were selected. 

This book tells the stories from the voices women in England who married American soldiers. Each GI Bride has her own unique hopes and fears during a time of war when their dreams of happily ever after are redefined by war and stretched by cultural differences, countries, and an uncertain future. 

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6. Liberty Lady: A True Story of Love and Espionage in WWII Sweden by Pat DiGeorge

Once a month, American Airmen in Sweden were upon return from their weekend pass, were asked questions about any women they were with and the conversations they had had. If the same woman's name and questions came up, then that woman would be placed upon a watch list. 

While on an espionage assignment, 1st Lt. Herman Allen falls in love at first sight with a beautiful Swedish-American secretary working for the OSS. Against the backdrop of wartime Stockholm, as he helps solve one of the biggest spy scandals of the war, he marries her as the nephew of the King of Sweden presides over their wedding. 

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7. Letters To Loretta by Laura Lynn Ashworth

These love letters were found when the author was helping an elderly family member fill out Veteran Administration paperwork.

Two teenagers from Chicago, Sal, 19 and Loretta, 15, during the worst last three years of World War 2 write their thoughts and feelings about life, politics, culture, music, and the war politics with humor and honesty in real time. 

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8. Love Among The Ruins by Harry Leslie Smith

Harry Leslie Smith returned to writing at the age of 82 after his wife's death and entered into prominence as a writer while penning essays for The Guardian.

Shortly after the war ended, English serviceman Harry Leslie Smith is determined to leave his poverty behind, until he meets young Friede, a German girl, and his growing love compels him to stay and ensure hers, and her family's safety.

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9. World War II Love Stories: The True Story Of 14 Couples by Gill Paul


When Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933, no one fathomed that he had would evoke a conflict on such a global scale after having served in the trenches of World War I. 

Following the love lives of 14 couples from how the war changed how they viewed life, and in the wake of change met, fell in love, and for some left marriages to start life anew with a new love. Some of the stories will break your heart, and others encourage your belief in the power of love. 

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10. World War II Love Stories by Larry King

Surprisingly, more men responded to King's request for stories than women did when the book was in its earliest stages of development. 

Each love story is unique in its own way, but they all share a common theme: love conquers all. Each couple interviewed shares how they met, how they fell in love, the obstacles they faced and how their love grew stronger leading to marriages that lasted a lifetime. 

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