These Wolf-Head Penis Boxers Will Make Your Man Look "Sexy & Wild"

Wolf Boxers

Ever wanted your guy to sport something crazy and wild in the bedroom, but just weren’t sure what to get? Well, if you want to have a howling good time with your man, then you should really invest in a pair (or two, or all of his undies) of these new wolf boxers.

Why would you want your man rocking a pair of these bad boys? Well, according to the sellers, these wolf patterns are designed to “make your man look sexy and wild,” and promise to be a “perfect gift to a boyfriend or husband.”

And if you’re wondering how much these are so you can start justifying to yourself why you should just buy some, they can be had for as little as five dollars, and in some cases even cheaper.

These undies make a couple of big assumptions, one of which I’d like to address in those up close and personal photos.

Let’s face it: they would probably be a little bit goofier and saggier during just a regular un-sexy day of your man’s little dude’s down time. If you think he’ll be able to walk around comfortably with a limp wolf’s mouth and nose on his member, then these might be right up your alley.

Still, despite the fact that these underpants almost guarantee that they won’t look as great on the real version as they do on Mr. Perfect Junk model, there is something oddly hysterical and satisfying in thinking of just how amazing they will look when they’re actually put to use for their intended purpose, which is to make the wolf go from “disappointed” to “very happy to see you.”

These undies might actually be worth it for the potential they have to be a scream, especially when your man gets to unwrap them for the first time, and you can watch the confusion in his eyes when he reconsiders what you may have actually meant by “being wild in the bedroom.”

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