10 Weird Things That Happen When You Ovulate

You know about the egg, but did you know THIS?

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Ovulation, a reproductive-aged woman's best friend.

I mean, if you're into child-bearing that is. 

What happens during ovulation?

Well, 11 to 14 days before you get your period, an egg is ejected from one of your ovaries. 

It waits around in your uterus for 2 to 4 days for a sperm to fertilize it. 

If no sperm comes, bye bye egg, and bye bye uterine lining. 

So there's the science you probably already know about what happens when you ovulate.


But there's a whole mess of other weird stuff that happens you're ovulating that you might not know about.

For example, your boobs get REALLY sore! That because of the hormones being released during ovulation.

Sorry, boobs

Here are 9 more totally weird things that happen when you're ovulating.

1. Your ears become more symmetrical. 



When you're ovulating, your body is doing it's best to be as hot as possible.

Hotness, in humans, is all tied up with symmetry

So your body is doing everything it can to attract a dude to fertilize said egg, like making your ears more well-balanced. 

Weird, weird, weird. 

2. Your vaginal discharge becomes stretchy. 



I'm not saying that you can like, ping it across the room or use it to tone your muscles.

But your vaginal discharge does become a bit tackier as it prepares to help KEEP sperm inside to get all that fertilizing done.



3. Some women can FEEL it happening. 


Some women can actually feel it when an egg pops out of an ovary and implants itself! 


It's called mittelschmerz because only the Germans could come up with word to encapsulate the pain of feeling an egg rupture out of an ovary.

Rock on you crazy Krauts! (I'm German, so I can say that.) 

4. Your voice gets higher. 


Everything about a woman becomes, well, more womanly during ovulation.


You might not be able to hear it, but science has proven women's voice get a tad higher. 

The idea being that by amping up your "girliness" it is easier to attract a male mate. 

5. You spend more time getting ready. 


That's right, even those of us who don't wear a lot of makeup wear more when we are ovulating. 



Because something inside of us (blasted hormones) are telling us that we need to look as good as possible if we plan on getting that egg fertilized. 

6. You slut it up, wardrobe-wise. 


Find yourself reaching for that low-cut top when you're ovulating?

That's because flashing a little bit more skin makes you more attractive to mates. 



7. You are attracted to ripped dudes. 


You might not be into muscles when you're NOT ovulating.

When you ARE ovulating you've got muscles on the brain.


That's your biology trying to get you a man more likely to do the deed.

The deed being to fill you with a healthy fetus.  

8. Your sense of smell is heightened. 


Studies has indicated that women have a stronger sense of smell when ovulating.

We're not sure why, but it's likely to help that huff out a nice healthy mate. 


9. You are more likely to cheat. 


Because your body wants you to be pregnant so badly it's willing to destroy your relationships.

Just kidding! 

Kind of. 

You are more likely to cheat while ovulating, though, probably to heighten your chances of pregnancy