11 Little Things Guys Do That Are Romantic AF

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11 Little Things Guys Do That Are Romantic AF

Let’s just put this out there — flowers and chocolates are boring. They are. They’re not romantic. They’re a cliché.

If your idea of romance is something that a man can pick up from a CVS at 1 AM because he knows he pissed you off, you need to set your romantic standards a little higher. But, too often, we make men feel insecure about their romantic abilities.

We criticize them for not knowing how to be romantic, but we don’t actually tell them what we’re looking for. So, they’re forced to look for some kind of “Romance for Dummies” guide, which ends up with them buying discounted heart-shaped chocolates at a late-night drugstore.

However, what men need to know is that they are romantic. Or, at least, they can be.

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While some guys don’t have a romantic bone in their bodies, there are plenty of men who are crazy romantic, just not in traditional ways. Because romance doesn’t just have to be roses and teddy bears. A man can make your knees go weak with a simple look, with a compliment, or even by cleaning the kitchen without you asking.

Romance is everywhere, if the guy does it right. With that in mind, here are 11 small, everyday romantic ideas men do that can be 100 times more special than anything in the Valentine’s Day aisle, and maybe even better than anything that comes in a jewelry box. 

1. He knows where to kiss you.

That special spot. That little section behind your ear where one kiss sets your nervous system on fire. He knows exactly where that is and will never forget it.

2. He pauses slightly before he says, “You look great tonight.”

That pause is the moment when you know that he’s just taking you in with his eyes and thinking “wow.” That pause means everything.

3. He talks to your parents on the phone.

Even though that’s possibly the most painful small talk in the world to witness.

4. He reads the labels on your clothes before he does laundry.

Because he realizes that, unlike his wardrobe, all of your clothes aren’t 100 percent cotton (or 80 percent t-shirts).

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5. He cuddles, even if he’s a non-cuddler.

He’s willing to let you fall asleep with your head on his chest (and figure out how to escape later), because he knows how much you love it.

6. He fills the car up with gas before he gets home.

You might pride yourself on coasting into the driveway with only 2 miles of gas left in the tank, but when he has the car, he doesn’t want you to have to stop for gas on the way to work in the morning.

7. He eats kale.

He doesn’t like it. No one likes kale. But he respects that you’re concerned about eating healthier and he wants to support you.

8. He watches Gilmore Girls with you.

And he decided that he was #TeamJess before you even told him that he had to be #TeamJess.

9. He talks to you before he makes plans.

Not because he’s whipped, but because you’re sharing a life together, you’re his partner, and he wants to make sure that he’s not forgetting anything that’s important to you.

10. He notices when you get your hair done.

Even if they’re just subtle highlights. He knows you well enough to spot something new.

11. He knows your details.

If anyone asks (or if something comes up), he knows your eye color, height, blood type, bra size, ring size, shoe size, what restaurants you hate, feminine hygiene product of choice, and everything you might be allergic to. He remembers the specifics because you’re important to him.

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