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Can You Pass The Internet's Sickening 'One Finger Challenge'?

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Can You Pass The Internet's Scandalous 'One Finger Challenge'?

In 2016, our selfie games were about to get amped up to an extreme, thanks to yet another bizarre trend that started taking the internet by storm.

If you haven’t heard of the “one finger challenge,” then you’re probably in for a surprise. But what exactly is the "one finger challenge"?

People have some bizarre ideas for how to “measure” how skinny they are, and though the tests vary, the spread isn’t very wide, and usually includes manipulating an object in front of a camera to determine just how thin the photographer is.

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Yes, it does seem like a bit of a weird way to determine your appropriate body size, but the one finger challenge is actually a bit tame (and a bit more creative!) compared to some of the other “tests” out there: the belly button challenge, the #A4 Waist Challenge, the iPhone 6 challenge, and even the 100 yuan challenge.

All of these are incredibly weird, and not in the least bit actually indicative of a good way to determine a healthy weight. This cannot be emphasized and said enough, to be honest. 

As for the one finger challenge, the way that it’s completed is by having the selfie-taker point the camera at a mirror, and then, by carefully angling their free hand, pose in such a way that both the person’s chest and lower regions are tastefully covered by the single extended digit.

It's basically as if you're censoring your own body... by using your finger.

Even though this challenge might be a bit risqué, it was actually started with an anime drawing by Sky-FreeDom. In the illustration, a woman is shown standing in the exact pose that people were trying to recreate.  

And after that, the one finger challenge started to go viral, with people trying to mimic the exact same pose, and then posting their images on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or other social media accounts.

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And unlike the above mentioned challenges, this one isn't really being used to "measure" a person's weight.

The one finger challenge actually doesn't really seem to have any purpose at all, except for the fact that these people were probably just really, really bored. And though this trend was huge in 2016, who knows if it will make a comeback considering the pandemic keeping us all inside yearning for something to do.

Though the majority of the one finger selfie photos are from women, that hasn’t stopped men from getting in on the fun, too. Can’t entirely say this is a problem, though...

And although this “challenge” has absolutely no reason for actually existing, it still didn’t seem to keep people from giving it a try.

Just remember, if you’re going to do the one finger challenge, make sure your bits are entirely covered before you post it.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in December 2016 and was updated with the latest information.