Fitness Trainer Says Daily SPERM Smoothies Give Her A Hot Body

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Fitness Trainer Says Daily Sperm Smoothies Give Her A Hot Body

Bottoms up!

What if someone told you that the answer to a bangin’ bod came in the form of drinking daily sperm smoothies? Would you be all in for the benefit of drinking your man’s juice if it helped with weight loss?

A 29-year-old trainer named Tracy Kiss not only advocates for this “health” craze but swears by it and claims it’s one of the reasons that she’s able to stay so fit and healthy.

But honestly, if you ask me, that claim is a little hard to swallow. (Wink wink.)

Tracy Kiss is both a vegan and a certified nutrition advisor, which makes it difficult to judge whether her admittedly amazing body is a result of her excellent health choices, that she’s a “fitness guru,” or whether, in fact, it’s because of the sperm that she drinks every damn day.

Kiss advocates for the health benefits of her daily "juiced" juice, saying that it wards off minor illnesses like the flu, gives her energy, and even makes her happy.

While there are some surprising benefits for a woman receiving semen sans condom, it can come from regular old sex and doesn’t require being ingested to work its tiny magic. So, while there is a possibility that Kiss’s claims that the sperm she’s drinking every day are making her “happier,” it’s less likely that it gives her energy, as one of the primary chemicals in ejaculatory fluid is melatonin, which makes you sleepy.

Kiss believes that people look at sperm as “cringeworthy” when it’s considered for use outside of sex. She doesn’t care for the stigma that sperm being used in a “scientific” way makes it gross.

On top of using it for her fitness routine, she also believes in making facial masks out of it in order to make the skin healthy and hydrated. Kiss doesn’t just get her sperm during “the act,” and in fact has an agreement with a friend to bring it to her daily.

“I’m not there while it’s being made,” she says. “My friend just brings it 'round in a container, like in a little takeaway tub, and I put it on my face.”

For her smoothies, she mixes the sperm with “seeds, fruit, and almond or coconut milk,” but she also has no problem just downing it straight on the go, as well.