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15 Straight People On The Time They Cheated With A Same-Sex Partner

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16 Gay And Lesbian Sex Stories From Straight Cheaters

Infidelity is one of the most heartbreaking betrayals in a relationship. Relationships are supposed to be built on trust. We put our trust into our significant other to make us feel safe and, of course loved. Something as serious as cheating easily shatters that trust.

Cheating is sadly very common in relationships, and often the main cause for the end of many relationships. Usually, when we hear about a situation like this we tend to think that the person has cheated with someone of the opposite gender. However, this is not always the case.

There are straight people who have cheated on their partners with someone of the same-sex. Whether their partner is really straight and just looking to experiment or struggling with their sexual identity, it is still a painful experience for any relationship.

Here, 16 gay and lesbian sex stories from straight cheaters, and how it's affected them and their relationships.

1. Sometimes, it doesn't hurt the relationship.

"I told my girlfriend that I cheated on her with a guy. Now she wants to watch me have sex with another guy and a possible 3 way. I'm conflicted in emotions."

2. You may find you're not totally straight in the first place.


"I cheated on my boyfriend by having sex with a girl. It was my first lesbian experience ever and I loved it. I have no clue how to tell him ..."

3. It's not always a one time thing.


"I cheated on my boyfriend with a girl two months ago ... what he doesn't know is that I still sext her every night."

4. Your feelings for them go deep.

"I cheated on my bf with another girl ... and I can't stop thinking about her."

5. For some, it's one way to find out your true sexual orientation.


"I cheated on my girlfriend with a guy. Such a weird way to find out that I'm bi."

6. Unfortunately, some people don't stop after the first time.


"I cheated on my husband with another woman and don't regret it. It was the best ever and I'd do it again."

7. Some feel that it's not the same as cheating with the opposite sex.


"I once cheated on my girlfriend with another guy. For some reason, it feels like it's not as bad as if I cheated on her with another girl."

8. It can get awkward.


"Last week, I cheated on my girlfriend with a guy. Today, I found out he's her coworker."

9. Revealing the secret is just as hard as if you cheat with someone of the opposite sex.


"I cheated on my boyfriend with a woman. He's a huge homophobe so I'm afraid to tell him ..."

10. Some people really do feel differently about cheating when the person is same-sex.


"I cheated on my boyfriend with another girl, that is actually my best friend. I felt so bad I told him. He told me, "If it was a guy, he would have left me."

11. You found out more about yourself after it happens.


"At college, I cheated on my girlfriend with another guy. The problem was, I liked being with the guy."

12. You feel torn up inside.


"I accidentally cheated on my bf and slept with another woman. The guilt is killing me."

13. You start to questioning things about yourself.


"I cheated on my boyfriend with a woman! I'm now very confused."

14. It's confusing.


"I cheated on my husband with another woman and I don't know what to do."

15. Sometimes, it's just to fulfill a fantasy.


"I cheated on my gf with another man. I'm so ashamed but I liked being gay for a night."