5 Tips You MUST Know To Visit A Strip Club Like A Badass Boss Lady

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A Girlfriends Guide To Strip Club Etiquette

Oh, the elusive, illustrious strip club ... Striking fear in the hearts of girlfriends everywhere and the home away from home of men both young and old.

The places where self-respecting girls turn into sluts for money.

Clearly, they don’t feel good about themselves. Maybe they can’t find other jobs or they just don’t want to. Surely, they love ripping men off for money.

Strip clubs surely dark, seedy places lacking hope or any semblance of humanity ...


These are common misconceptions about strip clubs, fed to us by modern day lore about men who cheat on wives or men who hire strippers for bachelor parties.

They’re fed to us by other women and a society that tells us that women can only be sexy in certain contexts and only as long as they follow all these rules.

In fact, it’s often sexually repressed women telling us that women who go to strip clubs will turn into strippers themselves (as if that’s a bad thing).


Of course, there are seedy strip clubs. These strip clubs do seem to be devoid of a soul. They sell sex, and they sell the worst version of it. Some strip clubs feature strippers who maybe didn’t want to be there in the first place or don’t want to be there anymore.

Part of this might have to do with the clientele. Most of it probably has to do with how the strippers are treated both by the clientele and by management. However, these strip clubs do not represent all strip clubs and it is an important distinction to make when you make the decision to visit one.

Strip clubs aren't just for men to ogle at women.

As a newbie pole dancer, strip clubs can be a fun place to watch professional exotic dancers work the pole. And you don’t even need to be doing that to go enjoy a strip club.

A good, sex-positive strip club is one in which:

  • The strippers feel empowered to be there
  • You can tell that they love what they do
  • They’re treated with respect by management, clientele, and each other

A positive strip club experience means going to explore a new side of life in an environment where you can feel safe and have fun!


It's important to do research first and learn about the clubs you are thinking of visiting, as well as about proper strip club etiquette.

My first strip club experience was at one of those seedy clubs. Let’s just say, it made me feel gross. I felt bad for the dancers. It’s probably why I avoided strip clubs for two years after that.

The internet is a wonderful resource for researching the types of strip clubs in your area.

All different types of people go to strip clubs.

If your partner is comfortable with a different type of date, you could always go as a duo. However, if that seems weird to you and out of either of your comfort zone or if you’re currently riding solo, I’d suggest going with at least one good girlfriend. There is safety in numbers, as you know, and similar safety rules for regular clubs apply to strip clubs, i.e., don’t accept drinks from strangers, make sure one of you is a designated driver, etc.

So, gather up a group of your closest girlfriends and hit up that club!


But first, check out these 5 tips for visiting a strip club like the badass boss chick you are:

1. Know what you should expect from the club you'll be visiting.

Like any type of club, different strip clubs will have different features. Most of them generally consist of people dancing and getting naked throughout the span of a set of songs, but this is normally where the similarities end. There will probably different levels of pole dancing work at different strip clubs. Some might not have any poles and instead just have stages. In any case, there’s a lot of sensual dancing (and there will be breasts and vaginas).

The great thing about strip clubs is that strippers come in all shapes and sizes.

I’ve seen strippers with huge boobs and beautiful, voluptuous bodies. I’ve seen strippers with no boobs who are long and slender. I’ve seen strippers with tattoos and piercings and some with none at all. Every stripper brings their own style to it and what’s even more amazing is that after you watch these ladies (and men, too), you will feel so much more confident in your own body.

2. Sexual and female empowerment rule in upscale clubs.

You know those body hang-ups you have? That fear that the guy you’re sleeping with thinks your thighs are too big or your breasts are too small? News flash:

Strip clubs show you the undying truth that men LOVE women’s naked bodies in all forms. When a woman can own her sexuality confidently, men just eat it up, no matter how big or small or curvy or straight she is.

In a positive strip club environment, you also see the strippers encouraging each other. One strip club I enjoyed had dancers rotating pretty frequently. As one finished a set of songs, another would step up. The dancers who had just finished sometimes went back to change or rest, but other times they hung out and watched their fellow dancers do their thang!

You can tell that these ladies LOVE their jobs. They’re not just doing it for the money (though good dancers can make over a grand in tips); they’re doing it because they love being on the pole or on the floor.

They also love their clientele. Most of the strippers I met were very friendly. Friends of mine have told me that they’ve run into some of the strippers in the bathroom who kindly offered to teach them a few lap dance moves!

3. People from all walks of life visit strip clubs.

It takes all kinds. My friend and I arrived at our last strip club encounter a couple of hours before it got too crazy.

There was a group of young guys plastered to a stage in the back. There were some older guys there alone. Others were with groups of friends. Some guys were even with their girlfriends. Often, these clubs are hot destinations for bachelor (and even bachelorette) parties!

4. Make sure to bring cold, hard cash.

It’s highly recommended to just bring cash to pay for drinks — and to show appreciation for the work the strippers are doing!

So please, throw a few dollars to them. It is their living that they’re making!

5. Girls can (and do!) get lap dances.

Of course, you can! Lap dances are for everyone. They normally average out at around $20, depending on where you are.

Make sure you ask the stripper whether or not you can touch her and abide by house rules. Some allow you to touch while others don’t as a general rule, but out of respect for her, I’d highly recommend asking her either way.

Remember to have fun and compliment her on her moves!

Visiting a strip club for the first time is a unique experience.

Make sure you go in with an open-mindedly — and most importantly, have fun!

This article was originally published at Slutty Girl Problems. Reprinted with permission from the author.