7 Ways People With Depression Are Actually Superheroes

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7 Reasons Why Depression Is Good

One of the hardest things about having depression is how it takes away your ability to see the silver linings in life.

Which is a damn shame. 

Because, those silver linings? They're everywhere. 

They even exist in people with clinical depression. 

We focus a lot on all the terrible aspects of depression, and don't get me wrong, depression IS terrible.

But if you look a little closer, you'll see why depression is good too. 

I know, I've turned into Pollyanna.

But stick with me.

Why is depression good? Because it turns us into superheroes.

I told you we were going some place fun with this! 

Don't believe that depressed people are superheroes? I've got the list to prove it.

Behold, 7 reasons people with depression are totally superheroes. 

1. We vanquish super villains.


When you have clinical depression, your biggest job is killing the bad guy.

The only problem? That bad guy lives in your head.

I like to call him Mr. Braino, and he insists on zapping your biochemicals, draining you of the serotonin you need to live and be happy.

Depressed people are superheroes because we're willing to go head to head against this evil Mr. Braino, fighting back for control and happiness.  

2. We use super strength. 


When you're clinically depressed, even simple things like getting out of bed and taking a shower can seem as impossible as running an ultra marathon.

But you do it.

You get up, and you take the shower.

Or maybe you just get up.

Or maybe you just think about getting up.

All of these decisions require an amount of strength that is WAY beyond the capacity of the average human's understanding. 

3. We have a secret identity. 


If you are a person with depression, then you know what it's like to lead two lives.

There's the version of yourself that goes to work, that smiles at friends.

That's the part of you that struggles to appear normal.

Then there's the depressed part of you, the part that wears the same clothes for a week straight who can't make their face smile.

You live as two people, and that's no small thing. 

4. We carry a deep sadness. 


Bruce Wayne became Batman after witnessing the violent murder of his parents. 

I'm a depressed person, and I've always related to Batman the most. 

He's an average guy who dresses in black and tries to be better than the innate sadness he carries around every day.

If you ever need to explain depression to someone, start with Batman. 

5. We have a tremendous capacity for kindness.


Superheroes could just use their powers to do stuff like look at naked people or become super rich.

But they don't.

They opt to use their powers to help out those around them.

Depressed people who fight their depression very often aren't doing it for themselves at first, they are doing it for the people in their lives who they care about. 

Just like superheroes. And sometimes it takes super-human strength, but they do it anyway, when they can. 

6. We often feel isolated and alone. 


Superheroes might be able to demonstrate amazing feats beyond our comprehension, but it's a lonely life.

They wear a mask and while people love them, they don't know them. 

Being depressed can feel exactly the same way. 

People might like you, but no one knows the real you.

Just think about how excited they'd be if you LET them. 

7. We may get knocked down, but they always live to fight another day. 


You cannot kill a superhero.

I mean you can, but they only stay down for a couple of issues.

Just look at Superman.

Depressed people are fighters, even if they don't believe it.

I can't count all of the times I've thought "it's hopeless, I'm done" while in depression's thrall.

But I'm still here, and so are you. 

That, my friends, is truly heroic.