11 Times It's Okay To Say EFF Your Beauty Standards!


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You don't need to look very far to find an article or a story or a news item about how you, as a woman, are supposed to look.

Lacking a waist? Wear a thick belt.

Short? Wear nude colored shoes to give the illusion of height. 

Wanna look professional? Dye your grays. 

Wanna look young? Dress your age. 

These "helpful" lists and pieces of advice are actually shackles. 

The "F your beauty standards" movement is about rejecting what society says we need to do in order to meet some artificial idea of what beautiful is. 


See someone saying "women over 40 can't wear that"? To them say, F your beauty standards

You aren't a cookie cutter person. You're you, and that's enough.

If you're ever in doubt, here are 11 times you've absolutely got to say "F your beauty standards!" Loud and proud! 

1. When they say women with kids can't have long hair. 


F your beauty standards! Step off! My hair, my choice. 

2. When they say busty women shouldn't wear turtlenecks.

Why, because people will notice I have big boobs? F your beauty standards, I'm proud of my boobs! 

3. When they say pink hair isn't professional. 


F your beauty standards! How does the color of my hair effect my ability to do my job and do it well? 

4. Why they say fat women shouldn't wear form fitting dresses.

Why not? Because then I'm forcing other people to look at my fat body, the body I love to show off? F your beauty standards! 

5. When they say you're too old to wear a miniskirt. 


If getting older means getting more experienced, then trust my knowledge that I am KILLING IT in this mini, and F your beauty standards. 

6. When they say wearing no bra doesn't look good for you boobs


Why? Because your boobs don't look like every other person's boobs? GOOD. YOUR BOOBS ARE PRECIOUS SNOWFLAKES, f your beauty standards! 

7. When they say you need foundation to look more awake. 

Your face is your face, and yours alone. You get to decide what to put it on it or not put on it. F your beauty standards, jerks! 


8. When they tell you tattoos are trashy. 

You know what's really trashy? Calling another person trashy based on a choice they've made about their physical appearance. F your beauty standards. 

9. When they say nobody's grandma has a tongue piercing 


A grandma can make you cookies and cocoa AND have a killer tongue stud. F your beauty standards! 

10. When they say you need abs to wear a crop top. 


You don't "need" anything other than a body to wear clothes. F your beauty standards! 

11. When they say Hello Kitty shirts are for kids. 

If I love Hello Kitty and I wanna wear her on a shirt, I'm going to, and I'll still be an adult doing it. F your beauty standards!