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Here's What The "Perfect" Female Body Looks Like (According To Men)

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Men and women have two very different ideas of what the "perfect" woman looks like. But when you parallel the two — how different do they actually look?

Well, thanks to BroBible we now can see what both men and women's "ideal" woman would look like.

The men's website released pictures of how men view the perfect woman versus how women view her; these illustrations are from the survey conducted by Bluebella. And we can't say we're all that surprised by the result considering what the media has fed generations of women (pertaining to body image).

Here's what they found:

1. Women aren't a fan of big boobs but hey, perhaps it's because there's so many reasons to love small ones.

2. Men seem to like their ladies more on the muscular side, while women prefer a boyish frame.

Hmm, wonder how different these views would be if media didn't exist at all, huh?

Presenting The "PERFECT" Woman

Photo: BroBible
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