20 Nerdy, Wordy Gifts For The Grammar Geek In Your Life

You're (not your) going to love these.

14 Christmas Gift Ideas For Geeks Who Love Grammar

Perhaps it's the latest Gilmore Girls incarnation, but grammar geeks are having a moment right now — so much so that there's probably at least one on your Christmas gift list for whom you are looking for the perfect gift.

There's a lot of options out there that will probably really tickle their funny bone. Chances are, they will even send you a (grammatically sublime) thank you note when they see these! Here are great Christmas gift ideas for geeks.



1. Little Free Library


For your favorite bookworm or grammar geek, a book exchange could be a great gift. This neighborhood micro library, which you can place in your front yard or apartment building lobby, invites neighbors to share and trade books. You can buy it pre-assembled or get a kit to make one yourself. You can even paint and decorate them any way you like. (Check out Instagram for inspiration.)

($300, LittleFreeLibrary.org)

2. Authors Series Tea Variety Pack


With flavors like Agatha ChristTEA (Earl Grey), ShakeSpearemint and Mint Mark Twainquility (Chamomile and fruit), you won't want to miss out on getting these for your geeky friend. Each set includes organic tea packs as part of an author series.

($10, store.theteabook.com)

3. Tervis Scrabble Tumbler


Microwave safe, and good for hot and cold beverages, so you can have Scrabble fun no matter what you are drinking.

($15, Tervis.com)

4. "Rules of Grammar" tote bag

If you are really into those grammar rules, it's probably fun to always have them with you.

($10, CafePress.com)

5. Geek Grammar School Phone Case


Is there anywhere we're more annoyed by people's grammar than on social media? Seems fitting that our phone case would reflect this.

($28, RedBubble.com)

6. Comma Sutra Art Print


Because tense and punctuation can be as exciting for some as positions are for others.

($20, Etsy.com)

7. "Bad Grammar" throw pillow

The writer or editor on your gift list would LIVE for this throw pillow.

($35, Zazzle.com)

8. Owl Grammar Judgment t-shirt


Whommmmm says the owl!

($25, Etsy.com)

9. Green Grammar pencils

Any true editor is never without their pencils.

($10, Etsy.com)

10. Word Lovers Dictionary Scarf


Let good grammar keep them warm this winter.

($36, UncommonGoods.com)

11. Booklover/Writer graphic tee

Nerds unite... and wear your geekdom proudly!

($14, Jane.com)

12. Pride and Prejudice temporary tattoo


Wear your heart (or your favorite literary works) on your sleeve.

($5, Litographs.com)

13. Charles Dickens Candle

Our desire burns bright for a really good book.

($21, Paddywax.com)

14. "Paper" Plates Set


Look back to all the times you were told not to get crumbs on your homework. Now you can and it will feel really good.

($20, theliterarygiftscompany.com)

15. Grammar Teacup and Saucer Set

Maybe our friends will never get they're/their right. And that's why we spike our tea.

($48, Etsy.com)

16. Ampersand Cheese Board


Even if you're not a grammar nerd, you have to realize that the ampersand has a decidedly elegant shape. Celebrate it with this totally cute cheese board.

($48, UncommonGoods.com)


17. Banned Books Matchbook Set

If you really love words, then the forbidden fruits of literature are even sexier.

($8, OutofPrintClothing.com)

18. Cotton Twill Tablet Pillow


Love to read a book on a road trip or while lounging on the couch? This is perfect.

($20, BarnesandNoble.com)

19. Papercuts: A Party Game For The Well-Read

If you belong to a book club, this is an amazing hostess gift around the holidays.

($25, Etsy.com)

20. Dead Writers Perfume


Give this to the cultured lady on your gift list who also loves words.

($30, immortalperfumes.com)

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