You Deserve Someone Who Is Completely And Totally Sure About You

Don’t waste time with someone who doesn’t show that they give a genuine sh*t.

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Dating these days is a complete nightmare. I mean it. It’s an absolute sh*t show out here and I know I’m not alone in fighting off the fits of confusion. The most baffling part of dating is trying to figure out whether or not someone is completely into you, or just biding your time until something better comes along.

It’s a BS process and it seems like very few people are willing to invest into you 100 percent. As painful as the process might be, there are people out there who will outshine the rest and make a real commitment to you in your life. Don’t waste time with someone who doesn’t show that they give a genuine sh*t. Here's what you deserve in a relationship.


1. You deserve a reply to your messages.

You don’t need someone who is poor at communication and can’t even give you the courtesy of a text back, and even if people argue that lives are busy, no one is ever too busy to text or call the person they care for and are pursuing a relationship with. Stop accepting the excuses and move towards someone who won’t leave you hanging for days on end.

2. You deserve a concrete yes, not a maybe.

You’re not a “maybe” and you’re not someone who should put up with lame excuses and half-assed efforts. You deserve a person who is going to say “f*ck yes” to spending time with you, making plans with you and is committed to being in your life in a real way. Don’t accept less than what you want — life is short.


3. You deserve to feel excited about someone.


Do you want to wake up and be genuinely excited about the special person in your life, or are you ok with waking up to another no reply and another day of wondering where exactly you stand? The answer should be obvious so stop wasting your days on hoping someone will come around and appreciate you.


4. You deserve to be in a secure relationship.

Having a no bullsh*t, I’m in this for real type of relationship attitude should be your only goal and even if so many people these days seem to be terrified of commitment, there are plenty of those who aren’t. You’ll definitely meet the person who is going to return the feelings you feel for them eventually, but you’ll never get there if you allow yourself to get stuck in gray areas.

5. You deserve to know that your time is valuable.

You’re a grown-ass adult and there are plenty of other things you’re prioritizing your time with such as your career, your adult responsibilities, and participating in the hobbies and interests that excite you, so stop spending time only half way in someone’s life while they try and figure out if you’re worth more. Answer their hesitation by showing them they’re not worth YOUR time if they can’t make up their mind.


6. You deserve to be a priority, not an option.


You should never allow yourself to become someone’s late night or last minute option. As tempting as it might seem to grasp any time you can get with the person who’s only teetering on your fence post, you deserve to have someone who makes you a priority and makes time for you in a real and thoughtful way.


7. You deserve to not be just a convenience.

The excuses people make these days as to why they’re hesitant about relationships are getting pretty f*cking lame. Being “afraid of commitment” or “not looking to be tied down” is among the list of rubbish you so frequently hear.

Just because modern dating culture has bred an illusion of options and the mentality that something better is always within reach doesn’t mean that you deserve to be a stand-in or a time filler to someone who is looking for something or someone else. If they’re not showing you that you’re the one for them, stop showing them your consideration at all.

8. You deserve to avoid blurred lines if you know your feelings are real.


You want to be on the same page with the person you’re dating and although no dating situation is ideal, it’s important that you’re both sharing the same mutual level of interest. Even if you’re both just looking for a low-key, casual hookup situation, you still need to be on the same level — forming a real relationship is no different. If you want real love and genuine feelings with real and concrete intentions, don’t settle for someone who’s not on your level.

9. You deserve happiness, even if that means being alone rather than wasting your time.



There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying single and living life solo until the person who’s actually sure about you comes into your life. It hurts infinitely more to invest a chunk of time hoping and using your energies to prove to someone how amazing you are and have nothing come out of it.

Take your time and be patient. The right person for you who will be 100 percent sure about you and won’t hesitate to be all the way in your life will be infinitely worth the wait.