The Most ATTRACTIVE Thing About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The Most Attractive Thing About Your Zodiac Sign unsplash / allef vinicius

You may be magnetic AF, because you’re a gifted poet. Or you’ve perfected that charming act after all those summers spent working in a customer service position. But your sun sign plays into how you’re perceived by others — and how you attract them. Astrology is amazing and powerful like that.

Yeah, most of us feel like we have to be pretty modest about our best attributes, but you should know you’re super-alluring! Here, your most attractive quality in just one word, based on your sign.

Aries: Fierceness

zodiac 1 the berry

Aries is the cardinal sign of all the fire signs, which means you’re an initiator. Your ability to shoot from the hip and go for your dreams is like a magnet!

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Taurus: Loyalty

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Sure, some may call you stubborn, but you would probably prefer the term steadfast. You’re truly devoted to your VIPs, so obviously people are going to vie to get into that club.

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Gemini: Curiosity

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Ruled by the third house, which has to do with all things communication-related, you’re an information-gatherer. Your whip-smart enthusiasm for learning is fun to be around, if not downright contagious!

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Cancer: Sweetness

zodiac 4 the berry

You tend to be pretty sentimental and delightfully nurturing. Your heart is so big, and your emotions run so deep, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for you.

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Leo: Charisma

zodiac 5 the berry

You attract the spotlight 24/7, because you were born a shiny freakin’ star—and you know it. You also adore romance, so anyone who’s drawn to you feels like they’re getting the royal treatment.

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Virgo: Brilliance

zodiac 6 the berry

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you like knowing exactly what’s up at all times—and using that oh-so-accurate info to assist others. And it’s hard to resist all the sensitive, supportive care you’re always offering up.

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Libra: Elegance

zodiac 7 the berry

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, you just can’t help but channel class acts like Holly Golightly or fellow Libra Kate Winslet. Your diplomacy and penchant for harmony is beyond charming.

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Scorpio: Passion

zodiac 8 the berry

You may not wear your heart on your sleeve (you tend to be pretty private, TBH), but people pick up on your intense emotions. You feel and intuit things on a completely different plane, and that’s sexy as hell.

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Sagittarius: Bravery

zodiac 9 the berry

You couldn’t be more free-spirited and fun-loving, thanks to your ruler Jupiter, the planet of luck and adventure. Attracted is an understatement. People are in awe of you.

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Capricorn: Drive

zodiac 10 the berry

Your ruler is the tenth house, which involves professional recognition and career matters, so chances are you take your passion in life seriously. That razor-sharp focus and ability to always be moving up is ridiculously appealing.

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Aquarius: Openmindedness

zodiac 11 the berry

The most altruistic sign, ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom, you’re a flower child relic of the ’60s, wanting to bring peace and love to not only your squad but wherever you go. That friendly, forward-thinking attitude makes you irresistible.

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Pisces: Compassion

zodiac 12 the berry

You’re always giving others a piece of your heart (save some for yourself, girl!), but it’s just because you can totally pick up on their needs. That instinctive sensitivity makes you truly gorgeous inside and out.

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