10 Reasons You Can't Stop Scratching Your Vagina

You can only squirm so much.

itchy vagina

You’re sitting at your desk at work.

You’ve got to get that report filed for Johnson before you leave for the day which means you’ll probably be skipping lunch again.

You’re trying to focus but it’s almost impossible.

No, it’s not hunger, you thought ahead and brought in one of those terrible microwavable burritos.

It’s your vagina.

Your vagina is itchy as hell and you have no idea why.

You’d give your eye teeth for ten minutes in the bathroom to scratch and scratch your itchy vagina but you know that would probably just make things worse.


So instead you furtively Google for reasons why your vagina could be so damned itchy.

That’s where I step in! 

To be clear, I step in to help, I do not step into your vagina because this is not The Magic School Bus. 

Before you panic,  know that itchy vaginas are very common. Here are 5 reasons your vagina could be bothering you. 

1. Bacterial Vaginosis 

Ah yes, the good ol’ BV. This looks and feels like a yeast infection, only instead of cottage cheese you are probably brewing up some clear stinky liquid.

Well done! BV is caused when your natural PH becomes imbalanced. It’s an easy fix with a visit to the doctor.


To prevent it, try your best to keep soap and douches away from your vagina. Think of your vagina as a self-cleaning oven. It does best left to its own devices. 


2. Yeast infection 

Yup, you guessed it. Your vagina is itchy because you’ve got a yeast infection. The aforementioned cottage cheese discharge probably tipped you off.


Yeast infections can be caused by many different factors including stress, and the use of a recently prescribed antibiotic. Both factors can mess with your PH which, you guessed it, is again the culprit for this nasty vagina itch. Most yeast infections can be treated with OTC treatments, but if it won’t go away, see a doctor. 

3. Contact dermatitis 

This is a scary name for something relatively benign. If your vagina is itchy and swelling, it could be a simple skin allergy. These are used caused by a new body wash, shampoo, or laundry detergent. Switching to a more gentle product will immediately alleviate your symptoms. 

4. STDs

I know, I know. STDs are the worst, but we need to at least mention them if we are talking about itchy vaginas. If you’ve been having unprotected sex and start to feel itching in your vagina that turns into burning, go see your doctor immediately and get tested. Itchiness can be a symptom of many STDs including herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. 


But don't be ashamed! Around 60 million people in the USA have a sexually transmitted infection right now, so you are far from alone. Just get yourself treated and take good care of your vagina.


5. Hormones

When in doubt, blame your hormones. Dryness and itchy are common symptoms women report during shifts in their hormones.


If you’re just about to get your period, or you just started a new birth control pill, your hormones could be to blame for your itchy vagina. 

6. Labial allergies 

Contact dermatitis just applies to the skin outside of the vagina. But it's not uncommon to develop itching and redness on areas like the inner labia due to an allergy in the preservatives of the toilet paper you use, or even an allergy to your sanitary napkins or tampons. 

Try unbleached, unscented and the most "natural" toilet paper and menstrual products you can find. This can really help your itchy vagina. 

7. Mycoplasma 

Mycoplasma is a totally devious little bacteria. Unlike others, it lacks a cell wall which can make treating it with regular antibiotics really difficult.


If you are experiencing an itchy vagina and nothing seems to be helping clear it up, go to your doctor. They can run a special test to see if these suckers are to blame. 

8. Too much sex

Yep, believe it or not, having a lot of sex can lead to an itchy vagina, especially if you aren't using enough lube to ease up on the friction. The best way to treat this is to give your vagina a break, and the next time you have sex, make sure you use a lot of lube.


Lube is your friend. 

9. Sperm allergy

THIS IS A REAL THING. If after sex you experience a lot of itching you might actually be allergic to your man's sperm. This can be treated like any other allergy, with an antihistamine.

Alternatively, you can use condoms to limit the amount of their sperm you come into contact with. Also, extra good news: having more sex with your partner can help cure this allergy. 

10. Spermicide 

Spermicide and other birth control foams, though rarely used now, can definitely be a factor that could be making your vagina itchy.

Make sure whatever comes in contact with your vagina is delicate and mild. Your skin down there is sensitive and when it itches it's trying to let you know something isn't right!