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5 Not-So-Strange Reasons Your Vagina Itches

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Weird reasons your vagina itches

When we have an itchy patch of skin, our inclination is to scratch it. But an itchy vagina is absolutely an itch we don't want to scratch — we can cause some serious damage.

It's among the most uncomfortable of itches and might be a really serious health concerns. Check out these common causes of an itchy vagina:

1. Yeast infection

An itchy vagina may be caused by a yeast infection or other bacteria related infection, says Dr. Emily Morse.

"Sometimes the natural bacteria that live within this delicate area can become disrupted, whether due to sex practices, pregnancy, antibiotics, or chemical irritants (among other culprits). When the bacteria is out of balance, you might notice a thick, white discharge and itching down there." Always visit your doctor and don’t try to self diagnose.

2. Bacterial vaginosis.

Other times, the itching is accompanied by a burning sensation and possibly a fishy odor, says Morse. This set of symptoms leads more directly to Bacterial Vaginosis, which is the overgrowth of the naturally occurring bacteria in that area.

3. Eczema

Eczema and other skin conditions can absolutely manifest in your vaginal area. If you think that may be the case, see your doctor for advice about treatment.

4. Irritation

Chemical irritants can be a looming suspect for the itchiness, as well.

Morse says, "Whether you used a soap or cream of some sort that was too harsh, it can cause drying which leads to itching or just plain vaginal irritation. In more rare cases it could be a slight allergic reaction to some sort of soap or outside substance, but the easy solution for that is to switch to organic cleansers or lotions. Natural dryness also occurs with menopause and post-menopause and can lead to severe itching and discomfort."

5. Environmental causes

An itchy vagina can become challenging to figure out, but it's a common phenomenon, says gynecologist Sheryl A. Ross.

"Once your health care provider has ruled out a yeast or bacterial infection, it's time to look other environmental causes, including fragranced body and laundry soaps, sanitary pads, sanitary wipes/pads, warming gels and scented lubricants, spermicides, feminine hygiene products, nylon underwear, diaphragms, condoms, saliva, semen and stress which are often the offending sources of the vaginal itch," says Ross.


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