7 Very Honest Men Reveal The Real Reason They Ghosted On You

Photo: unsplash
why men ghost women

And they are NOT holding back.

It's happened to all of us. We have two or three great dates with someone, and then they suddenly disappear.

When someone ghosts us, we like to pretend they died. To have died is a lot less rude than the disappearing act, right? But the reality is ghosting is incredibly common and sometimes guys have a really good reason for this vanishing act.

We asked why guys ghost, and here's what these 7 men had to say.

1. I can't be bothered.

"Before ghosting was even a term, I was notorious for leaving bright and early after a one-night stand. I could never be bothered with bullsh*t small talk in the morning. I always took a pair of the girl's underwear as a trophy piece. My roommate would do the same. Then, at the end of the year, we'd use the underwear as ornaments on Christmas tree in our apartment. Jesus, 22-year-old guys are the f*cking worst."

2. It's easier that way.

"Because it's weird to have a breakup conversation with someone you were never actually dating, and who realistically may have never been actually dating you."

3. Sometimes, a girl is creepy.

"Once she started showing up where I was 'coincidentally,' I had to ghost her. I figured that she knew my location because of my social media posts. Too f*cking weird for me."

4. She looked like my ex, and I couldn't deal with it.

"I once started disappearing on a girl because she looked a lot like a long-term ex. So much so that mutual friends commented on the uncanny resemblance. Not her fault but I couldn't get past it!"

5. He looked different in his Facebook profile photo.

"One time, drunk, I met a foreign guy at a bar who hit on me relentlessly. He was kind of unfortunate-looking, but I admired his gusto. So I asked 3 friends if I should go home with him and they all said yes, so I did and we had sex. The next morning, I ghosted him hard after seeing his profile photo on Facebook, even though he kept texting and Facebook messaging me trying to set up a rematch. Some things are best left unremembered."

6. After the chase, I got bored.

"Men are assh*les. We enjoy the chase, the flirting, the feel of something new and exciting and then we don't know what to do. Worse than that, you are limited in time to try fun, sexy, and interesting things, and then all of the sudden you run out of time. You feel like you lied and betrayed a person and that makes it nearly impossible for you to reconnect with them. In our mind, we really want to enjoy our partner's sexiness but know that we broke that trust. Thus, the male species becomes a specter and disappears."

7. She sh*t her pants.

"I went to a Christmas party not long ago at a beautiful home in our neighborhood. A couple who had just started dating were there. I didn't know them well and the lady was nurse. She got super-wasted and in the host's fancy foyer had diarrhea all over herself and on the floor. To make matters worse, she passed out and the date and host took her to the hospital... where she was employed! Her date 'ghosted' her, poor thing!"