We Asked Women To Share Which Orgasm FEELS The Best — Do You Agree?

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vaginal or clitoral orgasms

Contrary to what Dr. Sigmund Freud would have us think, there's no right way for a woman to have an orgasm.  

When it comes to coming, every woman has an orgasm differently. 

One of the most common forms of orgasm is the clitoral orgasm, but there are women who find the vaginal orgasm just as satisfying, if not more so. 

Then there are those unique women who can have an orgasm just by thinking about it (those lucky beasts).

There are also women who can have orgasms just by playing with their nipples. 

I talk to my girlfriends about sex all the time. Nothing is off limits. But for some reason, orgasms never come up. 

Everything I know about female orgasms, whether from the clitoris or the vagina, I've learned from having them or reading about them. 

So I decided to put a stop to that and ask my friends to anonymously share their thoughts on orgasms. 

What I learned was enlightening to say the least. 

Which kind of orgasm do you have the most: Vaginal, Clitoral, or other?

  • Of the 20 women I spoke to, 18 women had this response: "Clitoral"
  • "I have about the same, but only because I prefer to not have too-intense orgasms all the time (AKA clitoral orgasm)."
  • "I say it's about 50/50.


How are your vaginal, clitoral, or other orgasms different from each other? Please explain as best you can. No detail is too small.

  • "Contractions from both, both are amazing, but vaginal orgasm feels like it's much deeper/g-spot centered, and the clitoris is stimulated but less directly so."
  • "Clitoral is the only way. Vaginal feels nice and all, but it's not bringing me to orgasm."
  • "Clitoral orgasms, for me, tend to be way more intense. But sometimes TOO intense, if that makes any sense. As much as it pretty much guarantees an orgasm, sometimes it's more pleasurable to have one of those whole-body feel-good orgasms you get from straight vaginal sex without clitoral stimulation. Actually, sometimes sex without a "defined" orgasm is the BEST kind of sex. It's fun, it's sexy and that's really what counts. (And what's worse than a guy asking after everything is said and done... "Did you come?" Mood killer.)"
  • "Vaginal is more intense than clitorial."
  • "Clitorial is good for when I want to get off quickly. I like vaginal when I want it to last. Some devices are too powerful and they make it harder to have good sex without one if I use it too often. I have better orgasms when I'm rested, and some orgasms feel like they are in the mind."
  • "Clitoral orgasms are short and intense. G-spot orgasms are more deeply fulfilling and relaxing. Anal orgasms are powerful and exhausting. Mostly they kind of get mushed up together, though. And all are a welcome experience, of course." 
  • "Vaginal are deeper, longer. Clitoral are easier to have but shallower. The combo of both is the best."


  • "Vaginal orgasm feels much more full body than clitoral. Vaginal also take a lot longer to achieve ... like you need to be much more aroused. I can pull off a clitoral orgasm in like 3 minutes with my fingers. For vaginal, I need lots of stimulus and a dildo of some sort. Vaginal orgasms leave me extremely relaxed. Like pass-out tired."
  • "It feels different. The intensity varies between both. I prefer both to happen at the same time. But that takes coordination. Haha."
  • "I've never had a vaginal orgasm so I can't describe a difference!"
  • "Clitoral: easier, intense, short Vaginal: more challenging, worth it, also maybe squirting."