How To Orgasm Using ONLY Your Brain (Yes, It IS Possible!)

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brain orgasm

When I was an young (apparently horny) teenager, I could have orgasms without even touching myself.

I didn't know what was happening to my body, this tightening in my stomach and this low feeling flutter, but I knew it felt awesome.

It would happen while I watched particular sexy movies or read particularly sexy books.


Eventually as I matured, it stopped happening. It wasn't until I started having sex that I realized that as a child I had been a genius of orgasm by thought alone.

Seriously though, how great would it be to be able to teach yourself how to have a hot orgasm using just your brain meat? The mind literally boggles.

Apparently my fantasy is a reality for some VERY dedicated women.

In the 1980s Barbara Carrellas and a few of her friends were looking for a safe way to express their sexuality during the advent of the AIDS crisis.

Some people opted to practice safe sex, but Barbara took it a step further. She stopped having sex with other people altogether and started teaching herself how to orgasm using only her brain alone.

If you think this sounds like hokum, you're not alone. I was rolling my eyes at this story until I learned that curious researchers put her inside an MRI tube (presumably with her consent, lol) and asked her to think-orgasm. When she climaxed, the same sections of the brain that are activated during traditional orgasm were activated in her brain, too.

In other words, sign me up, dude. Sign me up.

Carrellas says that in order to orgasm just using your brain you need to do two very important things:

The first is to let go of guilt.

Uh, I don't know about you but I was raised Roman Catholic AND I'm an anxious person. Telling me to start "Letting go of guilt" is akin to telling a bird to stop using its beautiful wings.


But I digress. Let's say that you've managed to start living a life completely free of guilt.

What do you need to do next to orgasm using just your brain alone?

This is where it gets interesting.

Carrellas says that you work on "creating" an erogenous zone on your body. That's right, pick say, your left knee cap. Focus all of your sexual feelings on that kneecap. Eventually, with time practice and patience, you will be able to have an orgasm just calling up the sensations that have swept over this erogenous zone in the course of a day.

This sounds like a pretty awesome trick, and I believe that certain people who are willing to do the work can absolutely make themselves orgasm using only their brains. The human brain is remarkable and can do any number of awesome things.

That said, having an orgasm using just your brain seems like a pretty tough route to follow when you've got sex toys, safe sex, and even your own hand to rely on.

You know I'm not wrong.

But I bet you're still want to try it.