Everything To Know About Preggophilia, The Fetish For Pregnant Women

Be careful where you share your pregnancy photos.

What To Know About Preggophilia, A Fetish For Pregnant Women istock

When you're pregnant, people seem to think it's OK to touch your bump and they also seem to think it's quite alright to question you incessantly about the sex or the name of your baby. Overall, people have no problem invading an expectant mother's space, and those are only the issues that the mother actually knows about. 

There's a fetish called Preggophilia which is the sexual attraction to women who are pregnant or appear pregnant and can include an attraction to lactation and milking, and/or other stages of pregnancy such as impregnation or childbirth; additionally, there's a whole subset of role-playing pregnancy scenarios including pretending you're pregnant, male pregnancies, alien egg impregnation fantasies, and gang-bang impregnation.


Fun! Oh, and this fetish isn't just for men — women can also have it.

In an email interview with Jezebel, Ben (name changed), a 42-year-old member of the preggophilia fetish scene, explained why he's attracted to ladies with pregnant bellies:

1. It's wrong.

"Pregnant women are meant to be mothers in training, chaste, and committed to motherhood. So for them to be explicitly sexual is hot. It is dirty."

2. Being pregnant can make you exceedingly sexual.

"There is nothing we fetishists like more than an uncontrollably horny person."

3. Pregnancy is a visual sign that the woman is taken. 

"If she is pregnant, it represents his commitment, making her even more desirable. I don't like cheating. But I love people who are desirable to many people. This is something a lot of fetishists play with."


4. A pregnant woman's body constantly changes. 

"There's always something different going on with a pregnant woman and she's never boring."

Having a fetish for a pregnant lady is one thing, but it's quite another when you're taking her photos shared on social media and posting them to fetish sites, which has been happening lately to the horror of unsuspecting moms-to-be.

Megan Ireland found that her pregnancy pictures were used to solicit other women into posting their belly shots for a preggophilia website. She said in an interview with Daily Mail Australia, "It makes me feel sick. That's my child in my stomach and people out there are doing really gross things."


Pregnant women are known for their glow and giving birth is a miraculous event, so admiring a pregnant lady is understandable... just don't invade her space or privacy. Most importantly, don't steal her photos or anything else she hasn't given her consent for you to use.

Don't ruin the special time that pregnancy holds for women, because you never want to piss off a pregnant lady.