The 10 Best Sex Toys — According To A Guy Who KNOWS How To Play

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The 10 Best Sex Toys For Men (And The Women They Play With)

The holiday season will be coming soon.

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, even if it’s just the celebration that this year is almost done, it’s not a bad time to buy someone you love, or like, or just want to have sex with until they can’t walk straight, an awesome sex toy.

Every time I go to a sexy event, or play date, or brunch, I bring toys.


And because I’m a hoarder of sorts, I can’t narrow things down, so I wind up bringing a full-on rolling suitcase full of them.

That said, there are some toys that get requested more than others, and I’d like to share those with you!

Here are my top 10 sex toys for men (and the women they play with):

1. The nJoy Eleven 

Was there any doubt this would be the #1. It’s massive, it’s sexy stainless steel, and it’s a brute force generator of g-spot orgasms. It made me the squirting whisperer I am!

2. The nJoy Pure Wand 

And the nJoy hits keep on coming with something slightly less terrifying. Also known as the comma, this was the first major steel g-spot toy that worked. Also recently started using it for prostate play.

3. Fuze Tango & RodeOH Harness (The Strapon Play/Pegging Kit)

My amazing partner Ophilia took some time discovering the harness and dildo kit that really worked for her. The Fuze is a dual ended dildo, that works to hit the g-spot of the wearer as well as the g/p spot of the penetrateee. And the RodeOH Harness line look like underwear with a ring/passthrough for dildos.

4. Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless Vibrator  

They took the original, the jackhammer of vibrators, scrubbed their corporate name off it and re-released a cordless version that’s both more powerful (higher highs and lower lows) and has variations. Amazing!

5. Palm Power  

If you want something smaller than the magic wand, and also the most powerful vibrator we’ve ever felt, check out the palm power. Rather than step levels of power, you hold the button and it dials up, and somehow keeps increasing.

6. Eroscillator 

Has the dubious honor of being the only toy both recommended by Dr. Ruth, and looking like an ugly gold electric toothbrush. That said, since this toy oscillates instead of vibrates, it tends to work REALLY well for people who numb up from vibration.

7. Echo Handle Dildo by Tantus  

It’s a dildo, with a handle. No, seriously, that’s all you need to know. It’s SO easy to use this on a partner because you actually have something to hold onto, and Tantus’ level of quality is unparallelled.

8. Joque Harness by Spareparts 

Easy on/off and fully machine washable. This passthrough harness (allowing for both dual ended and standard dildos) has velcro sizing and comfortable straps, that make it simple to pull on and tighten.

9. Woody Silicone Dildo by Vixen 

Still the best Vixen Creations dildo, great size, good density, buy it in purple, because everything should be purple.

10. nJoy Pfun Prostate Massager 

And nJoy rounds out the list again with a great plug with a stupid name. The dual bulbs and more slender size make it a great toy to use with a partner tugging on the ring just a little bit. Just pretend the name is a typo.

So there you have it, friends, my recommendations for sex toys based on the things people most want to play with in my toy box.

(My own penis doesn’t qualify, because it doesn’t travel INSIDE the toy box. Otherwise, it’d be … well, if we’re being honest, probably #3.)

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