We Asked Men What Type Of Underwear REALLY Turns Them On

They did not hold back on granny panties and thongs...

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It is a fact commonly known that I’m not a big fan of underwear. For the most part I don’t wear it at all. I’m not doing this to be sexy, I’m doing it to be comfortable. In fact, I'd only wear underwear to sell it online and make a mint. 

The men I’ve dated have all had different opinions about this.

Some guys thought it was gross, others thought it was hot, and still other men love thongs or otherwise “sexy” lingerie, and would've loved to see me some. 


This led me to wondering what kind of underwear men like best, and whether they really do have an opinion about our undies at all. 

I asked my posse of anonymous men what kind of panties (yes, I know some people hate that word!) men give their eye-teeth to see us wear. 

They were more than happy to share their thoughts!

What do you think of thongs on women? Like, dislike, why?

  • "Dislike 1, because it's underwear at all. I don't like underwear. Dislike 2, because I don't see what's more appetizing about buttfloss underwear than full-backed. In fact, it seems less."
  • "I like women to feel sexy with themselves, and if a thong helps her feel empowered and sexy, she'll be more attractive to me."
  • "They look hot, but I know some find them uncomfortable to wear."
  • "A special treat to see sometimes."
  • "There are very few female butts in the world that don't look even better framed by a thong. I particularly like when my wife tells or shows me she will have a thong on under her clothes all day, though cannot properly articulate exactly why."

  • "Quite neutral. It's not underwear that matters."
  • "I think, 'Are those things comfortable?' I mean, if you like wearing them, then by all means..."
  • "I like them well enough, but they're often not my favorite thing. Nothing particular against them."
  • "Anything that displays butt cheeks, which are amongst my favorite things, is good in principle I guess? But other than that, no biggie, unless someone was specifically wearing a thong to be sexy for me, in which case, the intention would make it hot."
  • "Like most any article of clothing, intimate or not, thongs can be flattering or not. But it isn't my decision to make, and who am I to say a woman shouldn't choose what she likes?"
  • "I like believing or knowing that a woman is wearing a thong, but I think that's primarily due to where that thought sends my mind. I've certainly had no experience in underwear relating to sexuality, but for some reason the thong insinuates prowess to me."

What do you think of granny panties on women? Like, dislike, why?

  • "Dislike because it's underwear at all, but if you're going to wear some, might as well make them comfortable."
  • "Describing them as 'Granny Panties predisposes the answer."
  • "Not especially arousing, but not bad in any way. If a woman is eagerly undressed in front of me, I'm not going to complain over the panty shape."
  • "Comfortable lady is a happier lady. I don't want to have those on a special night but everyday wear is fine."

  • "Granny panties are a non-verbal indication that no sex will likely be happening soon. Often, this is crucial information."
  • "No objection, I guess they're more comfortable. It's not a turn-off, but it's also not a turn-on."
  • "I don't really care. None of my damn business."
  • "I think they can be hot, especially if they're lacy, or a cute or interesting pattern. They leave a lot to the imagination."
  • "I guess it could be hot just cause it's the kind of thing you'd see on Bettie Page? Retro hotness? But mostly I just see it as functional, neutral on the hot-or-not scale."
  • "I don't have a problem with them, but they don't do anything special for me either. They basically just exist."

What's the sexiest kind of underwear a woman can wear? Why?

  • "None! You don't have any external bits to protect, so there's not much of a need. And I love the idea of a woman being more aware of her c*nt. It's very sexy to me."
  • "Whatever makes her feel sexy"
  • "Something that makes her feel sexy. However if I had to be more specific, lace has a lot of general appeal."
  • "It varies by body type, what else she's wearing, and context. Ultimately a sexy black panty with a little lace probably is the most universally applicable."
  • "Any kind that accent whatever type of body she has, to call attention to the spots she most wants ogled. Also, for some reason, it is best when either a) you can imagine taking it off effortlessly or b) it looks as if there is no way to remove it, ever."
  • "No underwear is the best underwear. It's all about that realization of what's going on under the clothes."
  • "My face."

  • "I like boy shorts, particularly in lace. They're a great blend of revealing and coverage, and they draw attention to the tops of the thighs. Of course, and not to be too cliche, the best underwear are ones that make the wearer feel sexy!"
  • "V cut, i do not know if that is the name but they are really sexy, they make the legs to look longer while offer a nice curve on the buttocks, cover the Bermuda Triangle at front."
  • "It's not the specific kind of underwear, it's anything special she wears that makes her feel sexy. If she wore it for me, the intention would make it hella sexy."
  • "Whatever makes her feel sexy and confident. Sexy isn't what's on her, it's a product of who she actually is. Confident women can be sexy wearing a gunny sack."
  • "I love a nice pair of lacy boy shorts. The lace shows femininity, but the rather modest cut shows a shyness; a need to work for what it hides. They tend to emphasize rather than conceal or outright reveal the underlying shape."