How To Make $5K Selling A Pair Of Your Dirty Underwear Online

dirty vagina underwear

Did you know that when you throw your dirty underwear into the wash after a long day you could be throwing away THOUSANDS of dollars?

It sounds like a scam, but there are people (primarily men) who scour the internet looking for women who are willing to sell their well-worn dirty panties to them for top dollar.

Because I write about sex, I've known about this for some time. I've also considered trying to sell my own underwear on the internet. The only problem there is that I tend not to wear the stuff very much. I know, I know, you are disgusted. But you know what? I'm 33 and my vagina has never had a yeast infection, so there you go.

One underwear saleswoman is currently in the news because she took the whole sex fetish to a new level. 


Lady Kitten, as she is known online, received an offer requesting she wear a pair of underwear for three weeks straight, then mail them off to a customer. In return, she would receive $5,000. 

Lady Kitten did what any hardworking woman trying to make her way through school would do — she said yes! 

When I first read about her underwear ordeal, I kind of thought, so what, no big deal. But then I really thought about it. Think about what you do on a daily basis, you work, you go to the gym, you get your period, your vagina produces different amounts of discharge on the regs. Forget three weeks, after just one even the cleanest person's underwear would stink to high heaven.

But that's kind of what the sex fetish of buying dirty underwear is all about. I'll be real, there are far worse things I would do if it meant getting paid thousands and thousands of dollars.


There's some debate about whether or not it's healthy to wear underwear for so long.

But whether or not it could make you ill, I think it's the mental anguish that would be the hardest part. 

Apparently there are sprays that underwear sellers can try and use to fool their clients, but for the most part, these are pretty easy to suss out.

Also if I'm in a position where I'm selling my underwear to the highest bidder, I doubt very much I'm going to shell out for some fancy spray when I've got an honest to god factory of the stuff right between my legs. 

I kind of think it's lovely that in a world where women are taught to be ashamed of their aromas that there's a dude out there willing to pay thousands of dollars to wallow in the most intense vagina odor ever.

Viva la vagina! Vive la dirty underpants!