12 Types Of People Who Annoy EVERYONE At The Gym

Photo: unsplash / scott webb
12 Types Of People Who Annoy EVERYONE At The Gym

By Caitlyn Fitzpatrick

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan's character, Cady Heron, learns the ropes of North Shore High School by seeing the layout of the lunchroom? Well, the gym is kind of like that... but a lot sweatier.

Regular gym goers know that you can expect to see more tight, neon clothing than you would at a rave. But the people are really what makes the whole experience, well, interesting.

Even though each gym commercial loves to say that its center is "unlike any other gym," let's face it: you can expect to find the same three things at every one — treadmills, free weights, and that strange dude who wears jeans to get his fitness on.

1. The Stereotypical Gym Bro


A gym wouldn’t be a gym without at least one guy with huge muscles wearing a cutoff shirt, who just had his pre-workout.

2. The Avid Texter​

This person is probably texting on the machine that you’re waiting to use and can feel the burning sensation from your glares — and he doesn’t care.

3. The Girl With Caked-On Makeup


“Wow, I love that girl’s mascara!!!” said no one at the gym ever.

4. The Fit Couple


This duo is straight-up #RelationshipGoals. The couple that sweats together, stays together?

5. The Mirror Selfie Advocate


You know how you see those gym-bragging posts on Facebook? Yeah, they were posted by this person.

6. The Person Who So Doesn’t Want to Be There

There is no enthusiasm here, and it’s very, very obvious. (Hello! The gym is the happiest place on earth!)

7. The Dude Wearing Jeans


There are so many questions here, but the main one is... why?

8. The Newby


“Cool! What does this machine do?!?!?”

9. The Gross Person Who Doesn’t Wipe Down Their Machine


This person gives "The Avid Texter" a run for the most-hated-person-in-the-gym spot. Whatever you do, don't be that guy.

10. The Overenthusiastic Runner


No one is this happy at the gym — especially if it’s a morning workout. Let’s take this down from a 10 to a seven.

11. The Weight Machine Hog


It’s totally fine if someone is actually working out, but the hog is probably taking more time in between reps than actually doing them.

12. The Show-Off


"The Show-Off" and "The Stereotypical Gym Bro" may be the same person, and if that’s the case, expect an ego the size of Michigan.

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.