11 Things You Need To Know Before Loving A Woman Who LOVES Fitness

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Dating a Fitness Lady

She's probably not going to give up her workout routine for you. (Sorry, bud.)

After more than a year of working out at least five days a week, I consider myself an intermediate boxer. I can do a yoga headstand basically anywhere. I also shaved a minute off of my pace per mile during my last 10K, and I'm signed up for another one this Spring.

To say that fitness is an important part of my life would be an understatement. And no, not just because it helps me maintain my weight and health, but for the level of happiness and confidence it adds to my daily life.

Those endorphins are no joke. Finally being able to lift a little bit more weight or nailing a boxing combination after trying for weeks are equally (if not more so) satisfying to me than a nice glass of vino.

The thing about a woman who chooses to lead a healthy lifestyle and make fitness part of her routine is that she's not making it to class or hitting the track for you; exercising is something she does to enrich her own life. So one of these days when I get into a relationship, my future partner will need to know a few things about dating a fitness enthusiast.

1. She won't be skipping workouts very often for you.

Maybe one day. Perhaps two if she's away on vacation. But anymore than that and she will go off the deep end without her happy-very-sweaty endorphins.
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She won't skip workouts very often for you.
2. The way to her heart is by rubbing her shoulders.

Or really, anywhere on her body after a long, intense, cardio-and-weight filled boxing or bootcamp class. Seriously, she'll love you forever for a 10-minute rub down.
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The way to her heart is rubbing her shoulders.
3. She doesn't need you open a jar for her (but she'll let you).

She's independent and damn proud of how much muscle and strength she's earned through all those hours of exercising. She hardly ever needs assistance to pick up something heavy or open anything, but she'll still ask you from time-to-time if it's important to you. (But hopefully, you’ll dig that she can do it herself.)
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She don’t need you to open a jar for her (but she'll let you).
4. She has a hard time sitting still on the weekends.

Her perfect Sunday might begin with a one-hour boxing class or a nice, long, easy run, followed by some brunch and meal prep for the week. She can make compromises, sure, but she'd be very miserable eating wings and drinking beer with you all weekend.
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She'll have a hard time sitting still on the weekends.
5. She's flexible and has great endurance.

Just let your imagination take that one. 'Nuff said.
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She's flexible. And has great endurance. *wink*
6. She can convince you that healthy eating can be delicious.

She's probably mastered the art of taking comfort foods she loves and making them into healthy recipes that give her the protein and energy she needs to make it through a workout. She's more than happy to pass that wealth of knowledge to your shared dinner table.
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She'll convince you that eating healthy *can* be delicious.
7. She will likely beat you in arm wrestling.

Considered yourself warned.
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She'll likely beat you in arm wrestling.
8. She's always up for an adventure.

You want to go hiking? Camping? Snowboarding or skiing? Zip lining or sailing? Chances are, her answer will always, always be: When are we booking this, baby?
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She's always up for an adventure.
9. She's a little competitive.

If she challenges you to a race or takes you along with her to class, she's definitely going to try her very best to be better than you. She's a good sport, but inside, she's already calculating how to beat you next time.
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She's a little (a lot) competitive.
10. She wears black leggings as pants all the time and feels no shame.

You're welcome.
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She wears black leggings as pants all the time and feels no shame.
11. She'll challenge you to be a better, happier person.

If only because you're dating her and she convinces you to work out a little bit more and eat a little bit healthier. You'll be better for it. Promise.
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She'll challenge you to be a better, happier person.