We Asked Men What They REALLY Notice About Women During Sex

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notice during sex

When I'm having sex it is hard to focus on any one particular thing. 

There is so much sensation during sex, and often that sensation is connected to my feelings.

As a woman, I tend to focus on my partner's face. Guys' faces are so super expressive when they are having sex. Even the most closed-off guy in the world can give you a little peek into his heart and soul when he's having sex. 

But what exactly do guys notice about women during sex?

I know sometimes I get hung up on things like how my stomach looks in certain positions or if he thinks I smell okay during sex. What is going through a man's mind when he's having sex and looking at his partner? 

I decided to let my posse of anonymous men share their answers with me, and let me tell you, what they had to say wasn't just really hot, it was also well, really sweet! 

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What do you REALLY notice about your partner during sex?