10 Ways Good Men Treat Your Body Like A Wonderland During Sex

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10 Signs To Know He Thinks Your Body Is A Wonderland

Some guys just have sex with women because they have something that they need to prove. Others are just not really that sex-driven at all. And there are a select few men out there who really get into sex.

With these guys, sex is never just sex. It's an exploration of your body. Simply put, he wants to see how your body reacts to his touch, he wants to pleasure you, and he's a keeper just because of that alone.

Here are ten signs that he's one of these guys.

1. He makes you orgasm, hard.


A guy who actually makes a point of making sure that you reach climax every time is a guy who really is into sex. He will work you over just because he wants to make sure the experience is a good one for you.


2. He gives you oral sex.

Oral sex is very much an intimate act that forces a guy to explore your body — if, of course, he's doing it right. Most guys who don't give a sh*t about how a woman feels won't give oral, because they will be weirded out by it. A guy who does is a guy who sees women's bodies as a sexual wonderland.


3. He knows how to massage your G-spot.


Not many guys actually take the time to learn how to make a girl squirt. If he studied up on how to massage a G-spot, he's a keeper because he takes a woman's body seriously.


4. He's OK with rimming.

This is kind of the same issue as oral, except, you know, it's even rarer to see a guy who's OK with licking booty.


5. He doesn't just go straight to sex.


Rather than just cut to the chase, he takes time to warm you up. He takes time for foreplay. He runs his hands all over you. He kisses you, works on your breasts, and makes you feel hot and bothered. That's a sign he's a great lover rather than just a guy you're sexing.


6. He actually asks you what you're into, and starts doing it to you.

Yes, there are men out there who will listen to your likes and dislikes, and actually work with them. Enjoy that, because too many guys don't!


7. You get the feeling that your pleasure seems to be way more of a priority than his.


Yes, there are guys who do this. For real. I just want you to know that they exist, because they really are a rare gem.


8. You squirt with him... even when he's not fingering you.

Yes, this is something that can happen — but only if a guy takes a lot of time to get to know your body. If he takes enough time to make this happen, he really likes exploring your body.


9. He's OK with blood.


I'm just saying that a man who isn't repulsed by a woman's period is probably a lot more mature about certain things. It doesn't have to mean he is gung-ho about it, but he needs to not mind it.


10. He pays attention to parts of your body that others don't.

Does he kiss your toes? Your neck? That little bend near your hip bones and the insides of your thighs? Yes, this is the ultimate sign that he loves exploring your body.