11 Signs You're Going To Get Divorced (Before You Even Marry Him)

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11 Signs You're Going To Get Divorced (Before You Marry Him)

If you've ever been to an engagement party for a couple who was really bad for each other, then you already know it's often very possible to see divorce happening before a couple even reaches the altar. Whether we like to admit it or not, the possibility of divorce is very real, and it's often more predictable than we would like to think.

If you notice any of these things about your relationship with your fiancé, people can already tell that your relationship is over before you got hitched.

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1. You honestly aren't happy with the relationship, but you don't think it gets any better.

Are you in a relationship with someone who you feel doesn't give you as much as you give them? If you feel unhappy but content because "this is just the way things are," the relationship will most likely end in divorce. The reason for this is that being unhappy for the long-term almost always leads to the unhappy partner leaving, even if it takes years to happen.

2. One of you or both of you regularly cheat on one another.

There are so many things that are unhealthy about a relationship with regular infidelity. The truth is that it's often a symptom of worse issues, and those issues often will come to a head in a messy, ugly breakup.

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3. You get a really bad, sickening feeling in your stomach when you think about walking down the aisle with them.

These might not be just pre-wedding jitters. If you feel like you're making a huge mistake, you need to listen to your instinct. This can be something that can save your life!

4. You're only marrying them for money or for the fact that you want to get married.

True story, the majority of the marriages that are done for ulterior motives don't work out.

5. He cheated on his ex with you.

Statistics show that only a very small fragment of the couples who started from infidelity actually work out in the long-term. And the adage about a person being willing to cheat on you if they cheated with you also tends to ring true. Don't be shocked if karma bites you back for what you did.

6. People have sat you or your partner down and begged you not to continue the relationship.

Generally speaking, if people are actually going out of their way to talk you out of marrying a person, that's a very bad sign. It may mean that you're in an abusive relationship or that there's something else you should know before you tie the knot. People who have had people tell them to break up often regret not listening to them earlier, prior to a divorce.

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7. Abuse has already happened.

Most abusive relationships end in two ways: a divorce or the death of the battered spouse. Abort mission! Do NOT marry this person if they hurt you!

8. You honestly can say that you've settled because you don't think anyone else would have you.

Don't get me wrong, everyone settles on certain things. No one is perfect. However, if you are settling on a slew of different issues just so you won't be alone, the chances of you two staying together for decades are slim.

9. You're marrying out of peer pressure.

If people are pressuring you to marry a guy you don't like, you need to reevaluate your life. Real friends don't do that to people they care about, and the people who do this often have other reasons they want to see you get hitched.

Don't marry this guy. In fact, you should run away from him and the people who keep trying to get you to get hitched. Doing otherwise will lead to a very long, very depressing life with a man you will grow to hate.

10. You feel relief when they aren't around.

This is a sign that you should probably leave them. Sticking near them all the time probably isn't a good way to ensure that you'll be happy.

11. You're basically dragging them to the altar, kicking and screaming.

If you literally have to force them to marry you, they will divorce you later. And they'll resent you. Have some dignity and just leave him already.

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