There's So Much More To Life Than Falling In Love — Stop Settling

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falling in love

I remember being in middle school, and all I wanted was a boyfriend. 

My little 13-year-old brain was consumed with daydreaming about my first kiss and trying to imagine what it would be like to have a boy really, really like me. 

Of course this is typical of most girls in middle school, and thankfully I grew out of it. But I only stopped placing so much importance on finding a boyfriend, when I started placing more importance elsewhere, like my career, hobbies and friends. 

It’s so ridiculously important to fill your life with a million different wonderful things that make you happy. 

Even as an adult, whenever I start feeling down, I notice that it’s because my balance is off. Usually I’m focusing too much on work and not having enough fun, or something like that. 


Even just this year, I was getting really serious with a guy that I wasn’t right for, and I held on to the relationship like it was all I had. It wasn’t until I found a solid group of friends that I was able to breakup with him and feel okay about it. 

I see so many young girls who make their boyfriends the center of their entire world, and it’s sad.

You build something up and put it on a pedestal if you think it’s all that you have, so why not have more?

Give yourself more things to be proud and excited about. Work towards that career, get more involved in charity, be the best friend you can possibly be — anything to remind yourself that there’s more to life than falling in love.

You know you’re putting too much focus on your relationship when the little things really start to bum you out.

You put up with late nights, when you really love early mornings. You only hang out with his friends. You stop taking selfies. You get sincerely upset if he goes out without you or does anything to remotely suggest that he has a life outside the relationship. 


If you’re trying to hold on to your relationship so tightly that you're starting to feel kind of crazy, it’s time to let go. 

You deserve to have a life that is all your own. You should be making time for the things you love to do — not spending it waiting around for your boyfriend. Happiness is a complicated equation, and can only be achieved if you have all the right parts. 

Make sure you have all the right parts. 

Emily Blackwood is a writer and editor covering pop culture and relationships.