Going Down On A Woman Can Literally Save Her LIFE (Says Science)

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oral sex

Oral sex, people love it, hate it, fear it, or just get plain icked out by it. 

Whatever category you fall into, there's now officially no denying that oral sex can actually make you healthier. That's right, science has finally done the work I prayed for every night: Cunnilingus studies. 

If you're sheepish about letting your dude go down on you, here's something that might harden your resolve (and clitoris) — when oral sex is performed on a woman, our dear friend oxytocin is released, as well as DHEA.

These delightful brain secretions can actually reduce the risk of heart disease AND cancer! 

So there you are, laying in bed, feeling frisky and desperate to be on the receiving end of some oral sex. How do you encourage your guy to jump to the task?

Tell him he needs to go down on you so that you don't die.


"I'm serious, Steve" you can say (provided his name is Steve). "If you don't go down on me immediately, who knows how much time I have left." 

But maybe you don't feel like *slightly* exaggerating to get some cunnilingus. I get that. Instead, you can let him know that performing oral sex on a woman can also release endorphins that help her sleep and banish headaches. That part is totally true!

Say after all of this your bed sex partner still wants more evidence. Science has got you covered here, too. If your partner performs oral sex on you, there's a likelihood that they will experience what science calls a "helper's high". 

This is not a thing I've made up! There's scientific evidence to suggest that in performing altruistic acts you get more than a reward for your good work ... you get your own precious flush of brain chemicals that can, in turn, keep you safe, happy, and healthy. 

Oral sex isn't for everyone. BUT IT SHOULD BE! (Okay, okay, I let my passion for it get in the way of good reporting, let me try again...)

Oral sex isn't for everyone, but its health benefits can't be ignored. If the only thing keeping you back from letting your partner explore your front bottom with their tongue is embarrassment or shame, you could be missing out on something spectacular, and your brain chemistry has the science to back me up!