You Can Buy ACTUAL F*ckboy Repellent To Douse Losers With Glitter

Where was this 10 years ago?

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You’re walking down the street, ear buds in, minding your own business when up comes a guy who thinks he’s doing you a favor by harassing you.

“Hey honey, you got a nice ass,” he says.

You look at him with disgust, but you also look around to make sure you’re not alone. Because this jerk may or may not be dangerous.



Or maybe you’re at the bar, and even though you told some guy nine times that it’s just not going to happen, he still persists. But then he gets angry, and starts slut-shaming you. 


Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in today. Feminist brand Lovability has the perfect answer to your troubles with their new product: Fuckboy Repellent. 


According to their site, a fuckboy is defined as follows:

Any male-identified person who uses sexist language, homophobic or racial slurs, participates in slut-shaming or any combination thereof. Keep an eye out for casual misogynists, dudes who think rape jokes are funny, bad graphic T’s and bros who struggle to take “no” for an answer.

Fuckboys are everywhere these days. And though this spray won’t scar or maim (sorry, ladies!), it will “mark” him.

How? With beautiful, glorious GLITTER. The ingredients on their site states that it includes water, non-toxic gold glitter, and vegetable oil (oh, and The Tears of Your Ex, because HELL YES).


Not only will the glitter leave the fuckboy feeling like the ass he is, but it’ll also let others know exactly the type of they're getting involved in.

All you have to do is shake and spray!

Currently, you can grab the spray (which also comes with six fun, feminist condoms) for only $12 on their site. 


I personally think the price is worth it. I mean, it’s non-toxic so it’s not like you’re hurting anything but their ego!