How To Have THE BEST Orgasm Of Your Life In ONE Minute Or Less

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how to have an orgasm one minute

When it comes to sex it seems like men struggle not to have an instant orgasm and women struggle to have an orgasm in under half an hour. 

It's a cliche, but a cliche for a reason. The arousal process necessary to help a woman climax is just that — a process. 

But just because there are more steps involved to helping a woman have a killer orgasm, that doesn't mean we can't make said process a little bit speedier. 

With some education, practice, and patience it is totally possible for any woman to have an orgasm in less than minute. 

Here's everything you need to know about how to get it done. 


1. Educate yourself, girl 

In order to make your body a finely tuned orgasm-having machine, you've got to make sure you understand the process. Orgasm is a reflex, but that reflex itself depends on slow and gradual arousal.

In order to have an orgasm in under a minute you need to know whether or not you are a person who orgasms easily to begin with, be aware of how turned on you are when sex starts, and whether or not the sex in question is turning you on even more.

If you understand these variables going in, you'll be able to streamline the orgasm process. That might not sound sexy now, but get back to me when you're having orgasm after orgasm. 

2. Use sex toys first 

It takes a woman on average 20 minutes to have an orgasm. Men need on average between 3 and 5 minutes. So while it's very sweet that your partner wants to help you achieve your one minute orgasm goal, logistically it might not work out, leaving you feeling more frustrated than ever. 

That's what makes toys ideal. Be it the use of sex toys during partnered play, or the use of sex toys during solo exploration, these tools exist for a reason: to help you figure out how to reach the tipping point in your orgasm that much more quickly. 


3. Perfect your technique 

You might not always have the same partner, but you will always have your body. While there are some variables in sex that are outside of your control, you can definitely begin to assess what helps you get all hot and bothered the most quickly. Once you understand what works for you, begin communicating that to your partner. 

Even if they can never help you get to that minute orgasm of your dreams, you will posses the skills necessary to encourage your own arousal and ensure orgasmic success each and every time. 

4. Try, try again 

If you try to have an orgasm in under a minute one time and fail, don't throw in the towel. Like so many things, this takes practices. Over-thinking your goal instead of taking the time necessary to get yourself into an aroused state can have counteractive results.

It might be a pain to practice most things, but sex isn't one of them. Masturbation or parterned play are both great ways of keeping your head in the game, and makes your quest to reaching a one minute orgasm that much more obtainable. 


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