​If You Know You Can Do Better — DO BETTER

Photo: WeHeartIt  

We’re all very well versed in the art of self sabotage. 

We stay up late before a big morning meeting. We keep talking to guys on Tinder who we know are no good. We go to the drive thru even though we know we’re gonna ourselves feel bloated. 

It’s an awful cycle that can only be broken we get real honest with ourselves.

When we stop blaming the world for our problems, we can finally freaking realize that we’re the problem. 

We’re the thing that holds us back from the life and happiness that we want. 


This is not a fun conclusion to come to, because with it comes the realization that in order to change anything, we’re gonna have to do some work. We have to put in conscious effort to make a change, or no change happens. That’s how it’s done. 

Change can be scary, especially when we’re the ones orchestrating it.

When you realize you’re in a relationship that’s not helping you in any way, you have to be the one to end it. Sure, you can try to get him to break up with you first, but when has that ever worked? 

When you realize your job is a dead end, you’re the one that has to quit and start over. 

When you realize that your stomach isn’t bloated, but that you’ve actually gained 10 pounds, you’re the only one who can work it off. 

We all know that we deserve better. We cry about it to our friends, mothers and therapists.

But the big difference between people who want better and the people who actually do better, is action.

There’s no special trait or quality that separates those who are successful in taking over their own lives other than they actually do the work it takes to take over their own lives. 

It’s not a sexy quick-fix, and you can’t hire someone to do it for you. All it takes it good old fashioned hard work. 


So sure, you can sit around and complain about your unhappiness for the rest of your life if you want to. But wouldn’t make a much better, more inspiring story, if you actually did something about it? 

Today I want to ask you to isolate what you’re biggest problem is right now, and instead of getting all caught up in how hard it is, I want you to try to find a solution. And then — here’s the real kicker —take some action and try to fix it.

There will be a lot of trial and error, and you won’t be successful over night. But when you take control of your happiness, and make a real effort to change it, you get your power back. 

Hell, you get yourself back.