If You Fat Shame Women With Big Boobs, Kindly SHUT THE EFF UP

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big boobs

"Big Boobs Are Over" is the first headline I saw this morning when I opened my eyes and scrolled through my phone. 

The article in The New York Post was eager to share the news. I didn't know how I was going to break it to my own big boobs. They're emotional, and it's been a very long week. 

I read the article quickly, expecting to find a who's-who of the fashion world declaring that big boobs are sloppy, big boobs make models look fat, big boobs are cartoonish. 

You see, this isn't the first time my anatomy has been deemed as being "done".

Being disparaging of big boobs is nothing new. 


But what I found when I read was actually even more upsetting. In it, women from around the country were interviewed talking about their decision to get breast reduction surgery, or to get smaller more reasonable breasts implants when they went to the surgeon for their augmentation. 

While the headline proclaimed that "Big Boobs Are Over" ... a more accurate headline would have read: "Women Still Struggle To Reach The Impossible Physical Standards Set For Them By Our Society." 

But I get why they didn't go that way. That headline's waaaaaay too long. 

Some of the women chronicled in the piece got breast reduction surger because they were tired of the matronly appearance their big boobs gave them, and equally tired of suffering the back pain having big boobs can cause. 

Let's get something out of the way right now: Big boobs do not cause back pain. BRAS CAUSE BACK PAIN.

The position even the best bra puts your breasts into isn't natural, and as such, it imbalances your weight forcing your body to struggle to find muscles that can do this new and unnecessary work. That's why you're back hurts, friends. 

Research has actually shown that even large breasted women who go braless for a prolonged period of time develop new pectoral muscles to support their breasts.


Bras are to blame, and why do we wear bras? Because it's not acceptable for our nipples to be seen through our clothing by dirty old men who go out of their way to look for them. We wear bras to fit into clothes that are designed to alter the way our bodies naturally look and we do it without a thought because it is the way things have always been done.

I have big boobs. They swing (often literally) from an EE to an FF (god help if I ever become pregnant). I need to be honest. I wear a bra every single day. I worry about my weight. I buy clothing that I hope makes me look attractive but isn't always comfortable. If you're a living human woman on planet earth today, how can you not?

Boobs are something you are born with, or something you are born without. They can feed children. We wish they were bigger, we wish they were smaller. They are sensitive and can be an amazing part of our sex lives. They get sick and get taken away. Sometimes they even kill us

Boobs can't be "over" when they're a part of you.

If you make a decision to change the way your boobs look, that's your call, and there's nothing wrong with that.

But let's stop saying stuff like "big boobs are over", when what we mean is that the new trend is fat-shaming women who are born with (or opt for) bigger boobs.