One Man's Perspective On Boobs Will Make You Feel Freaking GORGEOUS

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No matter what size your boobs are, perhaps at one time or another you wished they were bigger, smaller, or shaped differently. Maybe you wore a padded bra thinking it would make you more attractive to men, or — if you have larger breasts — perhaps you wore a minimizer bra hoping it was the key to being taken seriously.

Or maybe you're the type of gal who wears no bra at all — for whatever the reason.

Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lifts, padding, sexy bras, wet t-shirt contests — our society obsesses over "perfect boobs". And sometimes we as women just don't feel like we measure up

Well, my friend Peter jumped at the opportunity to talk to me about what the everyday man REALLY thinks about boobs of all sizes, shapes and colors. What he had to say may surprise you (and hopefully make you feel WAY better about your own body):

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They would be a little too ... preoccupied.
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“If men had boobs they would never leave the house.”

There's nothing to worry about.
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“There isn't any negative experience a man can have concerning a boob.”

Each of them unique and beautiful in their own way.
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“They are always surprising and no two are the same- they are like snow flakes!”

They are just STUNNING.
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“The visual impact of seeing the beauty of each particular boob is compelling to every male animal.”

There's nothing bad to say about a boob. Ever.
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“(The boob) is the symbol of everything good about humanity.”

Anywhere you go, men will love boobs.
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“This is one arena where I have no problem stepping up and speaking for the human race. I will have the backing of every male  Republican, Democratic, Independent, Green, Libertarian ... this is something even Jews and Arabs can get together on. We can all get together on the topic of boobs.”

Every. Single. Day.
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“I am 59 and a 1/2 years old and there is not a day I have not thought about boobs.”

We are all wired to love boobs.
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“One of our first experiences in the world is with the boob. It's the only thing we know about the human race – when we breathe our first breath- the next thing is 'where is the boob already?'”

They are just so ... beautiful.
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“They are classically artistic and have great lines.”

His answer will probably be a strong "NO."
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“You can ask any man, “Have you ever seen a boob you didn't like?”

Most men appreciate a good boob. Doesn't matter which one.
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“A man's favorite set of boobs are the ones he is looking at. This is true for every man.”

Any shape, size or color. Men appreciate the equally.
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“Boobs loom large — even small boobs loom large. If you ask any man about boobs if they prefer big or small boobs — they don't care. It's just big boobs are in your face. But when small boobs are revealed they are just as exciting and great. Big boobs are just better marketing.”

All in all ...
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Peter ended the call saying, “By the way, your boobs are perfect.”