You Can't Get Over Your Past If You Keep Texting And Visiting It

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how to get over a breakup

When you’re going through a breakup, everything kind of feels like the end of the world. 

You’re heartbroken, and you feel doomed to be sad and lonely forever. Might as well visit an animal shelter and make a stop at the wine store on your way home because life is about to get real depressing, right? 

The idea of happiness — whether it be alone or with another person — seems so far off it’s almost funny. 

Well, the joke’s on you, because you won’t feel this way forever. In fact, I’d argue you’ll probably feel at least 1% better in just a few days. 

Feelings (especially the really heavy, hard ones) are temporary. You may think your love for this one person who broke your heart will never ever go away, but it will. With enough time and enough willpower to not reach out to them in late night hours, it will. 

It always does. 


And while there are tons of little tips and tricks you can use to help get over a breakup (I recommend singing angry rap music in your car at the highest possible volume), the one thing that never fails is time. The more time you can put between you and your ex, the more likely it is that you'll actually, really, truly, move on. 

That’s why I’m a huge advocate for blocking numbers, social media pages and avoiding their favorite spots. Because no matter how good you can trick yourself into feeling, we all know the moment you run into your ex, you're back at square one. So put as much time and distance between you and square one as physically possible. 

A big part of how to get over a breakup is being invested more in your present and your future than you are in your past. You can’t do that if the past is constantly in your face/always texting you. 

The best thing you can do for yourself when getting over a breakup is to make time your best friend. Put so much distance between you and your ex that eventually you forget what smelled like or how much you liked their laugh. 

It's the only thing that really works. 


Breakups are hard, but they’re not the end of the world. Like most difficult things in life, it's gets a little better and a little easier every day.

With a little effort, and a lot of time, you’ll learn how to be happy again.