Either Treat Me Right Or I'll Find Someone Else Do It For You

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There’s a lot of things you might have to put up with in your life.

Long lines, bad internet connections and donuts not being a vegetable are just some of the annoyances that us ladies have to deal with from time to time. But the one thing you should never, ever put up with is a consistently bad relationship. 

Yes, all couples have their moments. Sometimes things are rocky, and sometimes you can work through it.

But even when things feel difficult, if love and respect is there, it will always be felt. Even in the hard times. 

Rocky waters are survivable because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know it's just a temporary that you and your partner will get through.

It’s when you feel like your significant other doesn’t give a flying eff about you — and you don't know that he ever will — that you need to do something. When bad behavior is consistently bad and disrespect is never apologized for or changed, the relationship might not be in a temporary state of hard times, but over. 


I believe in second chances to a degree. We’re all humans who mess up, and if someone makes a legitimate effort to make it up to you and change their behavior, than a second chance is well deserved. 

But if all your boyfriend is doing is making empty promises and putting no real action into the "I'm sorrys" he's spewing, you just need to leave. 

I know it can seem/feel harsh, but if you’ve made yourself clear on how you want to be treated — and how you’re not experiencing that in your current relationship — then there’s nothing more you can do.

He either wants to make things better, or he doesn't.

Simple as that. 

And if he doesn’t do anything to make you feel like he’s listened to what you have to say, then don’t stick around. End the relationship and make yourself open to someone who will actually make you happy. 


There are plenty of guys out there who know how to treat girls right. You don’t need to train a man to be a good boyfriend or partner, where there’s people out who already know how to do that without any guidance. 

You deserve to be with someone who knows how to be with you. 

If he doesn’t show you respect, respect yourself enough to leave.