If You Hesitate Between Me And Another Person — Don't Choose Me

Like, ever.

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I'm sure you'd like to believe that the person you’re into currently only has eyes for you. To him, everyone else looks like a rotten piece of baloney and you are a goddess. 

I mean, duh ... right? 

I’ve fallen victim to this self-destructive way of thinking, and let me be the first to burst your bubble and tell you it’s not true. I can’t speak for relationships that have lasted longer than 18 months, but for me, I’ve always been attracted to other people even when I’m in a relationship. I’m not even that much of an attention fiend, but it still happens. 


And it probably happens to the guy I’m with too. That’s just life. 

While it’s probably smart to just go ahead and accept the fact that you’re not the only attractive person on the planet in the eyes of your boo, that doesn’t mean it’s OK for anyone to act on it. 



Whether you're official, unofficial, married or have only been on two dates, the same rule applies: if the person you’re with is interested in you AND someone else, let him go.

Push him in the direction of that other woman (or man, who knows) and walk away. 

The more you try to cling and grasp and hold on to a guy, the farther away he gets. It’s only when you totally let go of him that you'll get your power back. Send him off, wish him and his new girl well, and keep moving forward. 

Don’t hesitate or think too much about the circumstances. Once you get that feeling in your gut, trust it.

Put your self-worth above the desire to be someone’s number one — because that isn't something you should ever have to fight for. 


The best relationships happen because two people just straight up like each other and want it to happen. Not because there was an all-out battle to be some dude's girlfriend and you won. 

You deserve someone who isn’t going to make you feel the need to compete. While it's impossible for him to never be attracted to someone else, you do want someone who only wants to be with you. There's a huge difference. 



I hope you never find yourself in this situation, but boys can be shitty and we live in a world full of super hot women, so there’s a chance that you will.

Walking away won’t guarantee that he’ll chase after you, but it will be sure to protect your dignity.