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A Strong Woman Will Fight For Her Man — Not COMPETE For Him

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Strong Women Will Fight For Love, Not Compete For A Man

There's a big difference between fighting for someone and competing for someone. 

When you're in love, you fight for each other, meaning there's effort being put in on both sides. You and your partner are taking action to keep the relationship alive and well. There's no imbalance in the amount of love given or received. 

Fighting for each other is awesome and necessary for a relationship. Strong women have no problem fighting, and if we love you, we'll do it. 

But we'll never, ever, ever compete for you. 


Competing in a relationship means that something is taking your partner's attention away from you. Whether it's another woman, friends or a job, sometimes your put in a position of having to fight to get the person you love to notice you. 

And that's just not something a strong woman will ever do. 

We won't ask you to choose between us and a meeting, or even demand that you stop replying to that woman who keeps texting you.

If you're willing to let something come between us, we won't feel the need to change your mind. 

It's not because we don't love you, we definitely do (or at least we did). But we know what kind of relationship we want, and we're not interested in forcing someone to act a certain way. 


So if you find yourself in a relationship where you feel like you need a huge neon sign to remind your boyfriend that you exist, then tap into your strong woman sense and stop fighting. 

Stop pushing for love, and quit begging for attention. 

Because not needing it, is the only way to really get it.