7 Couples Reveal The KINKIEST Sh*t They Do When You're Not Looking

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Think you're boring? You aren't. There's nothing boring about any fun you are having. That said, most of you are probably doing some pretty kinky stuff once in awhile.

"You wouldn't believe how many couples are in seemingly monogamous relationships, but they're 'special occasion swingers.' Research now suggests that 20 percent of us have been in a consensual non-monogamous relationship and it's often the couples that you'd least suspect," says sexologist Dr. Jess, Astroglide's resident sexologist.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Here's what some couples confessed they were doing when no one was watching.

1. We go to sex clubs on the weekends.


"One couple I'm working with is very conservative in every other realm... except sex. She's a professor and he's an engineer. They have three grown-up children and three grandkids, and they're only in their late forties. They sit on two prominent financial boards, volunteer at the local church, and babysit the grandkids every Wednesday and Friday. They also go to sex clubs every Saturday to have group experiences with other couples while other partiers watch. They say they've finally found their groove after 25 years of marriage." Dr. Jess

2. We have sex in public places.

"My ex and I used to grab and fondle each other in unpopulated aisles of stores or libraries. If there was a silent corner or aisle, we would just grind on each other — not just dry-humping, but full-on moaning and biting. Then we would stop and pretend it never happened. We also used to have a remote control vibe and we would use it on each other in public places as well. If you made a sound, the other would give you a hickey or bite your neck." Anonymous

3. I snorted cocaine off his penis.


"My boyfriend and I experimented with cocaine one night and thought I'd spice things up by doing a line off the shaft of his penis. Needless to say, it both got their hearts racing more than one way. That moment still resonates in my boyfriend's mind and still drives him wild. I wouldn't condone doing this and don't advise that it would make sex better. It definitely was a mix of a drunken night that led to blow." Anonymous

4. We filmed a porn together.

"I did a porn shoot with my wife. I dressed as Jesus and her as Mary Magdalene!" —Anonymous

5. We make sex into a workout.


"My partner created 'Tabata sex'. It takes the concept of Tabata training (a high-intensity interval training workout) into the bedroom. We use a Tabata workout soundtrack from YouTube and then have 4 minutes of sex, changing position every 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest after 20 seconds of activity. It's a great way to start the day. It gets the heart rate up, is quick enough to fit in before kids start arriving at the bedroom door, and it's fun." Michelle Archard, online romance coach and creator

6. We had webcam sex.

"One time we were experimenting with online sex. Our first thought was just to watch a female, but once she got on screen we got so excited we just started going at it. We didn't realize our camera was on until we saw her typing, 'You guys are really hot! You make me love my job!'" —Anonymous

7. We got caught having sex in the office.


"My ex-boyfriend once told me his wealthy, stockbroker best friend's wife repeatedly asked her husband if she could come to his office, have him lay down face up on his desk, then strip down and sit her naked ass right on his face. That the idea turned her on so much. They did it, and as you can probably guess, his assistant walked in! I guess this would fall under 'freakiest sex sh*t couples do when they THINK you're not looking.'" —Anonymous