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She Finally Chose Herself Because He Never Did

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Whenever one of my girlfriends gets dumped or screwed over by a guy in some really stupid way, I always tell them the same thing: they’ll come back. 

And you know what? They always do. 

No matter how immature or unready for a relationship a guy may be, he’ll always recognize a good thing.

It just usually happens after he’s messed up beyond repair and everything blows up in his face. 

But even if deep down guys know the girl they’re with is a keeper, it’s not up to you to remind them. It’s not your job to tell them how awesome you are or how much they love you. That’s something they need to do one their own. 

They have to chose you, but they only do that if you chose yourself first. And once you do, you’re pretty much unstoppable. 


Women who chose themselves — especially once the guy stops trying — always come out the winner in the long run.

They have no problem breaking up with men who have been ignoring them and giving up on their relationship. 

They move on out of self-love and not in an effort to prove a point. 

It’s those kinds of women that men always run back to, and most women don’t take those men back very quickly.

They make them earn back the place in their lives that they didn’t appreciate when they had it. They make them prove they’re going to be different this time, and don’t just take their word for it. 

When a guy stops choosing the girl that he’s with, she’s left with few options. She’ll either stick it out and wait for a change (which never lasts long), or she becomes the change. 


So if you’re feeling like she broke up with you completely out of the blue, ask yourself how you’ve been treating her these past couple months.

Have you been paying attention to her life and the things she wants to accomplish? 

Do you offer your assistance if she’s stressed out?

Do you make the effort to make her feel special? 

The whole point of being in a relationship is to feel wanted and supported, and if you were doing neither of those things than you can’t blame her for leaving.  

Because she doesn't need you to choose her anymore when she learns how to choose herself.