6 Sex Toys Lesbians Just Can't Get Enough Of (And Neither Will You)

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6 Sex Toys Lesbians Just Can't Get Enough Of (And Neither Will You)

You don't need to be a lesbian to enjoy these sex toys.

One of the best things about being a lesbian is the ability to take your time when you explore your partner's body. There's no pressure to jump straight to the heteronormative main event of penis-in-vagina intercourse. A huge part of lesbian sex involves manual and oral stimulation, and the good news there is that everyone, not just lesbians, love this stuff. 

If sex toys are up your alley, there's no limit to the kind of fun you can have exploring with these new suggested additions to your toy box, and new techniques on how to work them into your sexual practices, whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight ... or anything else, of course! 

While these toys are perfect for lesbian couples looking to ramp up their bedroom antics, you don't have to be a lesbian to enjoy them. Sex toys like strap-ons and their harnesses can be great for the straight couples who are keen to try out pegging. Don't let the rigging turn you away, the new harnesses available run the gamut, from simple and easy to use, to old school leather complicated kits. 

We have rounded up six awesome sex toys that are super popular in the lesbian community. We think you might like them too! 

Strap-on underwear and non realistic attachments

All strap-on harnesses are not created equal. This super soft garment is so comfortable you can wear it without the non-realistic attachment as your day underwear and it can be a sexy secret you both keep. 

$81.91, Wet For Her

Bumpy bubbles butt plug
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Great for beginners and novices alike, this fun butt plug is great for exploring anal play.

$10.95, Adam And Eve

Scarlet kegel balls
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Prepare for a sensory explosion. Balls like these make for great partner play, plus they are awesome training for the beginner who hopes to be fisted one day. 

$19.95, Adam And Eve

Posh silicone finger sleeve
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These colorful and simple ribbed plastic finger sleeves take vaginal and clitoral stimulation up to the next level. Who knew hands could be this much fun? 

$10.95, Adam And Eve

Glow in the dark dual vibrating eggs
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This will be pure heaven for a couple. I'm sure there's a saying about how the couple that vibes together, stays together, and if there isn't, there is now. 

$24.95, Adam and Eve

Gal pal strapless strap on
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It doesn't need to look like a dick to feel good. This strap on accessory would make a great fit for that comfy pair of strap on undies we listed above. 

$39.95, Adam And Eve