Don't Apologize For Being Sensitive — It's Brave To Have A Big Heart

Emotional AF.

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People always tell you not to take things to heart. Brush it off and move on. Well if you’re a person who’s prone to sensitivity, that’s kind of impossible. 

Everything is taken to heart because your heart is so full of love it fills up your whole body. 

You wear vulnerability like a light jacket and regularly find yourself confessing all your inner most feels to gas station attendants who just happened to catch you “in a moment.” 


Too often, we put emotions and weakness in the same category. 

Apathy is the new suit of armor, and you’re only winning the battle if you never take it off. 

So in a world where everybody is catching flights instead of feelings, how’s a sensitive person supposed to survive? 



You may try to bottle up those feelings. You could stop yourself from saying something sweet.

You might even fool people into thinking you’re super chill by waiting three hours to text them back (even though you desperately wanted to respond with a long message and few memes the moment you read it). 

You could live this way, but why the hell would you want to? 

I think we all have sensitivity in our hearts, but much of it is dulled by how afraid we are to care.

People spend decades re-learning what it means to be vulnerable (a.k.a. human), so if you find that sensitivity comes easily to you, don’t fight it. Own that shit. 

Being vulnerable and open means you’re more in touch with your big heart than most people are. 


It means you don’t question how you feel, and you’re not afraid to be honest about it. 

It means you’re accepting of that fact that emotions change by the minute, and no feeling lasts forever. 

This is something to celebrate, not hide. 


Because if more people were like you, the world would be a better place.


People would communicate better, and relationships wouldn’t be destroyed by insecurity. 

Everyone would be less judgmental and a lot more empathic. 

Love would be spread on the reg. 


So the next time someone accuses you of being “too emotional” — or even worse: “crazy” — don’t let it cut you off. Feel bad for people who aren’t as in touch with themselves as you, and tell them so. 

Keep your big heart open, and don’t ever close it off.  

Emily Blackwood is an editor and writer who covers pop culture and relationships.