Happiness On A Stick: Bacon-Wrapped Chicken And Potato Skewers

Because everything tastes better on a stick.

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken And Potato Skewers

In my eternal search for Easy, Healthy Dinners You’ll Actually Make & Eat, I happened across this precious little peach. Bacon-wrapped anything is divine, but bacon-wrapping ingredients everyone already loves is even better.

Plus, aren’t you always hunting down new and improved ways to cook yet-another-chicken-breast? Me too. After all, the meat is cheap, low-cal, and accessible. And yet. I buy a package of chicken from the grocery store and feel utterly stumped with what to do with it.


I don’t have any answers to making chicken-skewering less slobbery. But I do have this quick-and-simple, yum- yum recipe that’s so good, it’s worth breaking out the bamboo and sticking it up.

While you prep the chicken, you microwave potatoes until tender. Then thread everything together, winding the bacon around your skewer and tucking it between the morsels.

If you’re looking for an easy make-ahead din-din tonight, this recipe has gotcha covered.



8 small red potatoes
4 chicken breasts, diced
8 slices bacon
8 bamboo skewers
3 tablespoons honey (optional)
1/2 teaspoon chopped garlic
salt and pepper

1. Microwave potatoes just until tender, about 9-12 minutes.
2. Cut potatoes into large chunks.
3. Thread potatoes and chicken onto skewers.
4. Wrap with bacon. Salt and pepper.
5. Brush with melted honey & chopped garlic. (optional)
5. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
6. Serve and enjoy!