You Were Once Happy Without Him — And You Will Be Again

Everything is temporary.

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Love can be the most amazing, wonderful thing in the universe — until it totally destroys you. 

Nothing hurts like heartbreak, and no matter the situation, all romantic rejection takes some time to bounce back from. It's normal for the first few weeks to feel like shit. 

Right after a breakup, it's acceptable to feel like everything is the worst. Like there's no way you'll ever find another guy or even be happy again.


Sometimes, love colors your world. Other times it leaves it dark and empty. 

In these sad moments, it's important to remember how frequently things can change. While you may feel down and out right now, you won't always. You will pick up. You will start again. 

The most crucial you should do during this time is reflect and feel. Don't be embarrassed to stay home and eat chicken wings and cry watching "The Notebook."



Let it all out now, or let it all out later. It's up to you, but in my personal experience, the sooner the better. 

When you hold it in and try not feel all those ugly feelings, you just build up even more shit you'll have to deal with later.

The scenario where you're completely moved on and happy on your own gets pushed farther and farther away. 

What you don't want to do is to completely fall into your crazy, depressing mindset and let yourself believe that you won't be happy again. You don't want to give up, and you don't want to feel like you don't deserve to be loved. 

Feel you feelings and know that it's a temporary place that you're in. It's not forever, and you will get through it. 


As long as you keep yourself and check, the hurt you're feeling now will pay off in the end.