Grown-Ass Women Don't Let Guys Ruin Friendships

Photo: WeHeartIt

The one thing in life you should always be able to count on is your girlfriends. They know you inside and out and love you even when they've seen you at your worst. They're there to hold you hair when you've had too much tequila, and you know they'll always have your back. 

That is of course until a cute guy walks in and starts flirting with all of you. Then, it's every woman for herself. 

I've witnessed hundreds, maybe thousands female friendships get completely destroyed by a man. Whether it's a guy trying to sleep with two friends or a girl who never feels noticed secretly resenting her magnetic bestie, romantic relationships kill platonic ones nearly every time. 

I'd love to tell you it's a sign of immaturity, and that when you get older and people settle down, this becomes less of an issue. But so far, I don't see age as having anything to do with it. No matter how mature you are or how much you say you love your friends, you true priorities will always come to light. 

In other words, if what you're really after is a man, everything else comes second — even your friends. 


That's why the best friendships are the ones you have with ladies who aren't desperate for love and understand the importance of communication. They don't get all wigged out when a cute guy is hitting on all of them at the bar, and they don't feel the need to call dibs on man they barely know. 

Real friends trust that what's meant to be, will be, and no matter how many girls in your squad are single, you're not worried about a guy getting in the way. 

Because really, it doesn't matter if you call dibs or make everyone else back off. If something is supposed to happen between two people, they will find a way. We've been living in a fear-based society where we feel the desperate need to create our own happy endings instead of just letting the story unfold. 

So if you find yourself among a group of single girls who get all hot and bothered the moment a bachelor is in their midst, don't sweat it. Set the example for sisterhood goals and don't give into the fear of being permanently alone.

Because no matter what, you'll want to always have your girlfriends.